The Four Elements of Success:

Path Elements Profile™ by Laurie Beth Jones

  • Do you ever wonder why you just can’t seem to get along with certain people?

  • Are you struggling to successfully communicate with your boss, co-workers, subordinates, friends, spouse, or other members of your family?

  • Have you or your team taken multiple personality assessments (DiSC, MBTI, Insights, etc.) and yet failed to successfully apply the results in your work and personal lives?

What if I told you there is a personality assessment that is so radically different in its simplicity and approach that it will transform how you see yourself and others and offer benefits that hold the potential of improving every single relationship in your life?

The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™ (PEP™) by Laurie Beth Jones uniquely employs the four elements of nature (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind) to help us identify who we are as individuals, what drives our behavior, and how we communicate with others.  While each person is a blend of all four elements, we are typically dominated by one or two primary elements. 

See if you can recognize yourself in this sneak peek of each element:

PEP™ will teach you to see yourself and others more clearly and also help you understand how others perceive you.  Use this knowledge to communicate more effectively with others, strengthen your relationships and better understand your career and personal choices. 

If you are an organizational or recreational leader, use PEP™ to gain insight to your team dynamics and motivations, resolve conflict, increase your team’s productivity and collaboration, and reduce attrition.

The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™ (PEP™) by Laurie Beth Jones can be used by individuals or teams.  The assessment is accessible online, completed in about 15 minutes, with immediate access to results

Nobility Coaching & Consulting Inc. is a licensed facilitator of PEP™ and proudly offers multiple formats of this excellent tool:

  • Individual online PEP™ assessment
  • Personalized, 13-page PEP™ report outlining your strengths, challenges and personal growth/improvement plan
  • 30 minute one-on-one, in-depth review of your PEP™ via phone or Skype

Individual Path Elements Profile (PEP): $57  $39       


Four Elements of Success™ Team Workshop: $137 per team member

  • Online PEP™ assessment for each registered participant
  • Half-day or full-day on-site PEP™ training session (depending on team size)
  • A copy of The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™ workbook for each participant
  • PEP™ Team Matrix to highlight your team’s dynamics
  • PEP™ Four Elements Coaching Card for a quick review of each element’s attributes
  • Additional PEP™ team coaching sessions available upon request

Please contact us for a detailed quote and to enroll your team

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