[Video] Q&A – Your Business Questions Answered – Episode 1

How do I stay encouraged as a new entrepreneur? How do I stay afloat financially in the beginning? How do I protect myself from liability?

[Video] Client Attraction – God’s Way

Learn the #1 biblical principle for attracting more business and increasing your revenue.

How to stay focused on what God has called you to do…

The winter here in Minnesota can be very rough on cars and roads, and by the time we reach March, huge potholes have usually formed on highways and streets.  Just recently as I was pulling onto an off-ramp, I failed to notice a rather large pothole that had filled with icy slush and with a loud noise that […]

A call to be different – how does your business score?

As a Life Coach, I can’t help but continually study human behavior, what drives people toward one or the other end of success, how we choose to integrate our spirituality with our work and what makes us feel genuinely loved, happy and fulfilled. Sadly, when it comes to kingdom entrepreneurship, I have noticed increasingly that […]

5 List-Building Myths Exposed!

You’ve heard it over and over and over again: “without an e-mail list you have no business…”.  So you rushed to start a list, managed to get a small amount of people on it, just to find yourself stressed out and frustrated because your list has essentially become a time-suck for your new business rather than […]

Is Your Networking a Dead End Street?

Do you spend a significant amount of time at networking meetings hoping to find new leads and gain people’s interest in your business?  So does everyone else! Last week I had an opportunity to volunteer at a few local networking events and as I  introduced myself to people asking them about what they do, what their […]

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