What’s Your Sweet Spot?

When potential customers look at your website, social media profiles, or printed materials, is their initial reaction, “And…?” If so, it’s quite possible that you haven’t found your sweet spot, your uniqueness factor, your UVP, your “raison d’être.”* As part of my coaching and consulting work, I review lots and lots of businesses. The one […]

Why your social media effort isn’t making you any money…

Browsing Facebook, Twitter and various blogs throughout the day, I get bombarded with tips, tricks and advice on what, where and when to post content on social media.  What I find interesting is that much of the advice is centered on the mechanics of what do do rather than measuring the results. Consequently, I see many entrepreneurs going wild with […]

How not to panic when business is slow…a personal story

After a very fruitful 9 months of business last year, activity seemed to slow down to a crawling pace in the fourth quarter of 2012.  I had just finished a large consulting contract and many of my 1:1 coaching clients had temporarily re-directed their focus to Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. Even though it is quite […]

Black Belt Entrepreneurship – 10 Business Lessons I Learned from Martial Arts

Some people claim that being a Christian and practicing martial arts are incompatible.  I happen to disagree and in fact, I would argue that my life and business have greatly benefitted from it. Not only have I gained greater confidence, self-discipline and ability to focus, I have also learned many valuable lessons about success, failure […]

Liar liar…don’t get caught in this marketing mire…

Marketing, marketing, marketing!  New business owners often get bombarded with the need for, the benefits of and the consequences of not having a marketing plan and schedule.  The challenge lies in the fact that for the Christian business owner,  marketing can be a mine field of misleading advice.  As Christians we are held to a […]

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