[Video] Are you serial dating your dream?

Can’t seem to move from dreaming to implementation?  How to get unstuck and realize the vision God has given you for your life and business.

How to stay focused on what God has called you to do…

The winter here in Minnesota can be very rough on cars and roads, and by the time we reach March, huge potholes have usually formed on highways and streets.  Just recently as I was pulling onto an off-ramp, I failed to notice a rather large pothole that had filled with icy slush and with a loud noise that […]

Rain Maker or World Changer? Here’s how you can be both…

Almost daily I am approached by companies that want to recruit me as an employee, sell me a franchise or talk me into signing up to join their MLM network as a distributor. Add to that the countless calls I get from vendors who want me to contract for projects I am not a fit […]

What Does It Really Take?

Do you ever put up with a less than satisfactory situation because you don’t want to offend, risk confrontation or face the inconvenience and uncertainty of having to make a change? Last week God reminded me how often we all fall into this trap and rather than empower ourselves to speak up, take action and re-chart […]

Why I do what I do – discover YOUR greater why…

Earlier this year I had the honor and privilege to speak to a class of middle school students about career development.  I had donated a case of books (Gifted Hands – The Ben Carson Story) and was invited to come introduce myself and share my story along with advice on how the students may proceed in finding their […]

What if your spouse doesn’t support your dreams?

I intentionally took a week away from blogging, not only to spend an extended fourth of July holiday with my family, but also to take time to pray for guidance regarding future blog topics.  As I was praying I felt strongly led to address the subject of gaining your spouse’s support as it pertains to following […]

Three lessons in business metamorphosis

After many months of working with my Coach, conducting research, praying and soul searching, I have decided to shift the focus of my business.  When I started out as a career transformation coach, I pretty much served any client who needed help with moving their career forward.  However, over time I discovered that I have […]

Are you resisting your calling?

Imagine for a moment that you only have one year left to live.  What would be your greatest regret? Most of us would not answer this question by saying we wished we had spent more time working, making money or accumulating material things.  On the contrary, I believe most of us would say that we should […]

Read this for the best gifts you will ever receive…

Yesterday afternoon my daughter asked me to go to the gym with her which I rarely do as my preferred sport is martial arts.  While there, I walked on the treadmill and because I had not brought a book to read or iPod to listen to, I decided to pass the time surveying the audience. I […]

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