Are you green with success envy?

Have you ever secretly wished you were as successful as someone else, that your business was as far along as that of a friend or competitor, that you had a greater follower base, more clients and bigger revenue?  I sure have, especially when I first started my entrepreneurial journey and felt like nothing was happening fast enough and […]

How not to panic when business is slow…a personal story

After a very fruitful 9 months of business last year, activity seemed to slow down to a crawling pace in the fourth quarter of 2012.  I had just finished a large consulting contract and many of my 1:1 coaching clients had temporarily re-directed their focus to Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. Even though it is quite […]

Know Your Prospects – the art of filling your pipeline with quality leads…

Recently I engaged in some research of popular network marketers, coaches, social media gurus and other service based businesses to get a feel for what’s out there, who people serve and how they approach their respective audiences. What I found fascinating is how many of them use the exact same cookie-cutter approach that I frequently hear touted by […]

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