Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Lifestyle Business!

It seems everyone these days wants high profits and a “lifestyle business” but wants little to do with actually serving customers. Automated income streams, charging “what you’re worth”, and lists instead of relationships seem to especially dominate the online business world. When a customer decides to proactively reach out to get help for a problem […]

Frustrating Feedback: How to Handle Negative Criticism

Have you ever provided negative feedback on a product or service you purchased to find out the seller didn’t seem to care about your satisfaction or, even worse, felt offended by your feedback? Or, perhaps you have you been on the receiving end of such feedback and remained silent because you weren’t sure how to […]

Top 15 Insider Secrets to Gaining & Keeping Your Clients’ Loyalty

I recently had some rather disappointing experiences  with some of the biggest names in the internet marketing and coaching arena.  I had reached out to some of these “experts” to get a few specific questions answered before making a purchasing decision.  Unfortunately, the service I received was less than impressive.  Let’s just say that none of these […]

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