Tick Tock – how many hours, days, years have you wasted?

Within the course of one year, I lost my grandmother to cancer, our beloved 18 year old cat Sheba, and our guinea pig Meep who died in my arms last night after many bouts with asthma.  Dealing with my own grief and seeing the tear-filled eyes of my children I knew that God wanted to […]

Are You Missing Out On Your Blessings?

In his book FREE: The Future of a Radical Price, Chris Anderson talks about the increasingly popular marketing practice of giving away one thing to create demand for another (paid) offer. While this can indeed be a successful strategy to allow your customers to get to know you at no expense of their own, I don’t […]

How to get more done by slowing down…

It’s Monday morning and you arrive at your desk, head buzzing with all the to-dos you left unfinished going into the weekend and already stressed at the thought of a long week filled with meetings and projects.  Most people consider two options when faced with this scenario: You utter a deep sigh followed by an […]

Special Guest: Sam Miller – What’s Your Dream?

Today’s issue of Noble Thoughts is featuring a special guest, Sam Miller, founder and author of “Sam’s Dream Blog”.  Sam and I met on LinkedIn and share a deep passion for helping others discover and live their dream, which is why I invited him to talk to my readers about his own story and how […]

The truth about why you haven’t realized your dream…

Last week I volunteered a few hours to represent the Minnesota Coaches Association at the Multi-Cultural Career Forum in Minneapolis.  While there, I had a great conversation with a fellow coach about various projects each of us are working on.  I shared with him that one of my goals was to write a book and when […]

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