What Does It Really Take?

Do you ever put up with a less than satisfactory situation because you don’t want to offend, risk confrontation or face the inconvenience and uncertainty of having to make a change? Last week God reminded me how often we all fall into this trap and rather than empower ourselves to speak up, take action and re-chart […]

Why I do what I do – discover YOUR greater why…

Earlier this year I had the honor and privilege to speak to a class of middle school students about career development.  I had donated a case of books (Gifted Hands – The Ben Carson Story) and was invited to come introduce myself and share my story along with advice on how the students may proceed in finding their […]

7 Tips for FASTER Results in your Career and Business!

We have become a society that loves instant gratification, as evident by the marketing messages we tend to respond to.  From “immediate exercise results” to  “instant cash flow” and “same day delivery”, we know what we want and we want it NOW.  The unfinished books, DVDs and programs that litter our shelves and that we […]

How to choose the right Coach

I may be the perfect Coach for you!  But then again I may not.  Over the years, I have worked with a variety of Coaches, some were simply amazing and others made me regret every dollar I spent on their services.  Because I care about your success and because I know how vital your relationship […]

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