[Video] Are you serial dating your dream?

Can’t seem to move from dreaming to implementation?  How to get unstuck and realize the vision God has given you for your life and business.

Tick Tock – how many hours, days, years have you wasted?

Within the course of one year, I lost my grandmother to cancer, our beloved 18 year old cat Sheba, and our guinea pig Meep who died in my arms last night after many bouts with asthma.  Dealing with my own grief and seeing the tear-filled eyes of my children I knew that God wanted to […]

Special Guest: Sam Miller – What’s Your Dream?

Today’s issue of Noble Thoughts is featuring a special guest, Sam Miller, founder and author of “Sam’s Dream Blog”.  Sam and I met on LinkedIn and share a deep passion for helping others discover and live their dream, which is why I invited him to talk to my readers about his own story and how […]

Are you resisting your calling?

Imagine for a moment that you only have one year left to live.  What would be your greatest regret? Most of us would not answer this question by saying we wished we had spent more time working, making money or accumulating material things.  On the contrary, I believe most of us would say that we should […]

Read this for the best gifts you will ever receive…

Yesterday afternoon my daughter asked me to go to the gym with her which I rarely do as my preferred sport is martial arts.  While there, I walked on the treadmill and because I had not brought a book to read or iPod to listen to, I decided to pass the time surveying the audience. I […]

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