Frustrating Feedback: How to Handle Negative Criticism

Have you ever provided negative feedback on a product or service you purchased to find out the seller didn’t seem to care about your satisfaction or, even worse, felt offended by your feedback? Or, perhaps you have you been on the receiving end of such feedback and remained silent because you weren’t sure how to […]

Out with the old, in with the new – Make 2014 your best year ever!

 What will YOU do differently in 2014? Whether you have your entire year already planned or are struggling with where to start, allow my top 5 business lessons of 2013 to inspire you to create your best year ever: Get rid of what doesn’t serve you I confess, I can be somewhat of a hoarder […]

[Video] Move Your Business Forward

Are you afraid of taking the first or next step in your business? Learn about the importance of making your move now, regardless of your current circumstances. Get inspired to move your business forward using biblical examples of humble heroes who stepped out in faith to accomplish what God called them to despite a lack […]

Is Marketing REALLY Your Problem?

We see the ads every day – another webinar for a marketing bootcamp, learn FB advertising now, get more clients than you could ever want if you only follow these simple marketing strategies. Unfortunately, among all this chatter about and push toward marketing related services, no one seems to ask one critical question: “Is Marketing REALLY […]

[Video] Pricing your products and services

In this video you will learn about the importance of pricing your products and services in a way that leads to sales success rather than self-doubt and self-sabotage during the sales process.  Recognize the pitfalls of discounting your products and services in order to win business and feel more confident about presenting your offer.

[Video] Q&A – Your Business Questions Answered – Episode 1

How do I stay encouraged as a new entrepreneur? How do I stay afloat financially in the beginning? How do I protect myself from liability?

[Video] Client Attraction – God’s Way

Learn the #1 biblical principle for attracting more business and increasing your revenue.

God’s simple formula for achieving any goal…

Do you have big, audacious and perhaps seemingly impossible dreams?  Do you have a secret desire to achieve a certain goal in your personal or professional life? Almost everyone carries one or more ‘desires of the heart’ within them that they hope to see realized someday.  Very few people however, proceed to actually writing down […]

How to stay focused on what God has called you to do…

The winter here in Minnesota can be very rough on cars and roads, and by the time we reach March, huge potholes have usually formed on highways and streets.  Just recently as I was pulling onto an off-ramp, I failed to notice a rather large pothole that had filled with icy slush and with a loud noise that […]

Law of Attraction or Law of Affliction?

Few people know that prior to following Christ, I lived a life immersed in new thought teachings, metaphysical studies and hermeticism. Authors like Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore, Emmet Fox and Joel Goldsmith were just a few of the regulars on my reading list. Why am I telling you this? For a few months now God […]

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