VIP DayIf you’re the type of person who prefers a “show me the goods” approach to learning what you need to know in order to succeed in your Kingdom business, a VIP Day may be perfect for you!

You’ll get everything up front and can implement at your own pace rather than waiting to get each new piece of the puzzle by working through longer term coaching programs that may stretch over three months or longer.

As part of our VIP Day package, we will spend a half or full day together, focusing 100% on YOU and YOUR business.  You’ll get the big picture strategy, tactical tools and missing pieces you need to move your business to the next level of success.

Because each business and its owner is unique, our VIP Days are highly customizable to meet your individual needs.  Before we get started we will jointly select a focus that will be most beneficial to your business at this time.  Whether your business is still in the idea stage, you have already launched or have been in business several years, our VIP Day package gives you the personalized attention you deserve.

VIP Days can be conducted via phone, Skype or in person if you are local to the Twin Cities, MN area.  Want to split your VIP Day investment with a friend  who is also a business owner?  No problem!  We’ll even give you a special discount just for bringing your friend.

VIP DayDuring your personalized VIP Day, we may:

  • Validate your business idea & clarify your vision
  • Determine your ideal niche and client profile
  • Identify what sets you apart from the competition
  • Create a client attraction strategy for your business
  • Determine your business launch plan
  • Review your business finances
  • Create a transition strategy from full-time employee to entrepreneur
  • Create a business start-up and operations plan
  • Review your product portfolio and pricing
  • Plan your revenue and sales goals for profit
  • Create a 3-step marketing plan
  • Design 10 step business plan
  • Identify suitable business partnerships
  • Create a referral system
  • Increase your productivity by leveraging a team
  • Create efficiency through tools and automation
  • Discover your unique gifts and how to leverage them in your business
  • Create a webinar or workshop outline
  • Build your email list or online presence (incl. social media)
  • Prioritize your breakthrough goals
  • Create a SWOT analysis for your business
  • Identify your Key Business Growth indicators
  • Build a succession plan
  • And much more…

For additional information or to schedule your personalized VIP Day, please contact us at


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