Kingdom Business Mastery Program™

Do want to get more out of your current product or service portfolio without having to reinvent the wheel?

Do you want to reduce cost and increase cash flow in your business without working harder?

This highly customizable program was created with the experienced business owner in mind. You have survived the critical years and business has settled into a comfortable pace and routine. Your greatest challenge is to breathe new life into your business in order to keep up with market trends, new competitors and customers who are hungry for something new and exciting. We will work together to identify your best approach to re-vitalizing your business and put the tools and strategies in place to help you re-position yourself for renewed success.

You will learn how to:

  • Break the “business as usual” stalematebigstock-Business-Problem-Analysis-22857794
  • Revitalize your offering to win back old customers
  • Re-tool your business to keep up with new trends and competitive pressure
  • Evaluate and prioritize new product and service ideas
  • Re-package your existing products and services for greater leverage
  • Create your own affiliate program or independent sales force
  • Build profitable strategic and joint venture partnerships
  • Strategically plan an expansion or re-direct of your business
  • Reduce cost to increase cash flow in your business
  • Prepare a business succession and exit strategy (optional)
  • and much more…

The Kingdom Business Mastery Program™ is delivered via Coach-guided self-study modules and twelve 1-hour group coaching sessions.

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