Kingdom Business Accelerator Program™

Are you tired of doing everything yourself in your business?

Has your business growth stalled because you don’t have the right tools, process and team in place?

Now that you have successfully launched and run your business for some time, this program is designed to help you take your new business to the next level of growth and success. Together we will identify key opportunities for improvement in your business, create a baseline measure of your performance and develop a strategic action plan to methodically increase your territory and influence in the marketplace.

You will learn how to:

  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI)business growth strategies
  • Identify suitable strategic, affiliate and joint venture partners
  • Create a referral system
  • Create process efficiency through technology and automation
  • Strengthen customer satisfaction (from prospect to customer)
  • Obtain customer loyalty
  • Evaluate your Marketing ROI (incl. social media)
  • Utilize advanced sales techniques
  • Successfully position your business for growth
  • Expand your influence and credibility to attract new opportunities
  • Increase the profitability of your business
  • Add a support team that won’t break your budget
  • Leverage virtual resources for productivity
  • Successfully manage your team for performance
  • Develop a long-term business survival strategy and plan
  • and much more…

The Kingdom Business Accelerator Program™ is delivered via Coach-guided self-study modules and a series of twelve 1-hour group coaching sessions.

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