Doing Business Christ’s Way—Let’s Start a Love Revolution!

This morning as I was heading to a client site, I listened to a woman on the radio talk about her 2-year-old son who contracted pneumonia and how hard it was to make it through the week because of work obligations. The thought of a mother having to choose between caring for her sick toddler […]

About My Father’s Business—Who Are You Building It For, Anyway?

The past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging for me. As I started working on a big corporate client project, my family was dealing with all kinds of health issues, and it seemed like nothing was going right. I had to literally lean on God just to make it through each day. In the […]

A Design After God’s Own Heart: Finding Your Identity in the Men and Women of the Bible

When I was a teenager, I really struggled with my identity, particularly because many of my interests involved not-so-girly things like motorcycles, martial arts, and wood shop. My parents didn’t raise me to be particularly drawn to these things; I simply had preferences that differed from most girls. Fast forward to today: I would still […]

Scaling Up: How to Grow Your Business without Losing Yourself

I recently read an interesting article in Twin Cities Business magazine about a young woman who had successfully run her own business for seven years and, in an effort to continue the growth of her business, sought out investors. She spent countless hours responding to requests for material only to learn that the investor she […]

When Boundaries Become Barriers: How to Break Free and Live Your God-Given Calling

Boundaries—we all need them, but they can also become our greatest barriers to success and keep us from living the calling God has placed on our lives. Healthy boundaries between people are a vital ingredient of any relationship, whether personal or professional. Boundaries around what you can and cannot do in your business—not so much! […]

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