Win Loyal Customers in Three Simple Steps

I like coffee. A lot. Okay, I’ll admit it—a freshly brewed cup of java with just the perfect amount of cream and a touch of brown sugar makes my little heart sing. I am also a business refiner who helps people stop losing prospects, customers, and money in their businesses. Wait a minute . . […]

Do You Need An Attitude Check?

I can’t recall who first said it, but I have been reminded lately that, truly, “attitude is everything” when it comes to business success! Let me be clear—I am not talking about pop-psychology, name-it/claim-it spirituality, or spending your day reciting affirmations and declarations as if they are a magic spell of sorts that will perpetually […]

Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Lifestyle Business!

It seems everyone these days wants high profits and a “lifestyle business” but wants little to do with actually serving customers. Automated income streams, charging “what you’re worth”, and lists instead of relationships seem to especially dominate the online business world. When a customer decides to proactively reach out to get help for a problem […]

Doing Business Christ’s Way—Let’s Start a Love Revolution!

This morning as I was heading to a client site, I listened to a woman on the radio talk about her 2-year-old son who contracted pneumonia and how hard it was to make it through the week because of work obligations. The thought of a mother having to choose between caring for her sick toddler […]

Do You Have Sales Funnel Vision?

Every now and then, I come across a resource that resonates with me on a deeper level and touches the core of what I am about, personally and professionally. Scott Stratten’s new book, UnSelling, is such a resource! The description I read on Amazon had me clapping my hands and shouting, “Yeesss!!!” This is what […]

A Design After God’s Own Heart: Finding Your Identity in the Men and Women of the Bible

When I was a teenager, I really struggled with my identity, particularly because many of my interests involved not-so-girly things like motorcycles, martial arts, and wood shop. My parents didn’t raise me to be particularly drawn to these things; I simply had preferences that differed from most girls. Fast forward to today: I would still […]

The Golden (Business) Rule: Win Customers the Way You Want to Be Won

Do you struggle to win new or repeat customers? Are you frustrated because your prospects won’t return your calls or respond to your emails? Do your customers seem impossible to please? If so, what you are experiencing may be a reflection of how you yourself show up as a consumer in the marketplace. The Bible […]

Overcoming Perfectionism: Don’t Let the Small Stuff Kill Your Big Dreams!

I have a few confessions to make. Last weekend, I sent out my email newsletter with a glaring copy and paste error. Earlier this week, my dog decided to throw a sudden barking fit while I was talking to a business contact on the phone. Today, I heard myself say “umm” way too many times […]

Getting the Sale: Are You and Your Customers Speaking the Same Language?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Minnesota with a snow covered landscape and brightly lit decorations everywhere, and, as I seem to do every year, I have been thinking a lot about how to eat healthy during the holidays and boost my family’s immunity in prevention of common winter illnesses. Trying […]

Scaling Up: How to Grow Your Business without Losing Yourself

I recently read an interesting article in Twin Cities Business magazine about a young woman who had successfully run her own business for seven years and, in an effort to continue the growth of her business, sought out investors. She spent countless hours responding to requests for material only to learn that the investor she […]

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