Win Loyal Customers in Three Simple Steps

I like coffee. A lot. Okay, I’ll admit it—a freshly brewed cup of java with just the perfect amount of cream and a touch of brown sugar makes my little heart sing. I am also a business refiner who helps people stop losing prospects, customers, and money in their businesses. Wait a minute . . […]

5 Things You Must Stop Doing to Find Success in 2015

It’s January, and many people are busy making New Year’s resolutions, setting 2015 goals, and thinking about new habits they want to adopt to improve their lives or businesses this year. Unfortunately, only 8% will succeed in reaching their New Year’s goals!* While there is nothing wrong with making a yearly plan for achievement, I believe […]

Rock Bottom Homeslide

How To Overcome Fear

Are you stuck in moving your business forward because you struggle with overcoming your fears? You are not alone!  Fear is one of the major factors Kingdom entrepreneurs cite when asked what is stopping them from starting or growing their business. The Bible contains more than 300 verses that address the subject of fear, reminding […]

Why my family went to see NOAH and yours should too

Prior to viewing the movie Noah, I had done my research, read the reviews and listened to opinions on how well or not the story of Noah was represented in this film.  I had seen the trailer and at first glance, the cinematography appeared impressive and imaginative although there seemed to be a flurry of […]

[Video] How to deal with feeling overwhelmed in your business

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck in your business? As entrepreneurs our plates are often so full that we lose our focus and perspective on what we should work on next. In this video, Coach Sabine reveals how you can make progress without getting bogged down by a never-ending to do list, in four easy steps. […]

What’s Your Sweet Spot?

When potential customers look at your website, social media profiles, or printed materials, is their initial reaction, “And…?” If so, it’s quite possible that you haven’t found your sweet spot, your uniqueness factor, your UVP, your “raison d’être.”* As part of my coaching and consulting work, I review lots and lots of businesses. The one […]

Finding Your Ideal Prospects

Watch out for these red flags when evaluating new leads It is the beginning of the new year and I am in the process of filling my private client pipeline for 2014.  As part of that effort, I had several complementary calls scheduled with prospects last week  and it seems like God assembled the perfect mix […]

Out with the old, in with the new – Make 2014 your best year ever!

 What will YOU do differently in 2014? Whether you have your entire year already planned or are struggling with where to start, allow my top 5 business lessons of 2013 to inspire you to create your best year ever: Get rid of what doesn’t serve you I confess, I can be somewhat of a hoarder […]

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