Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Lifestyle Business!


It seems everyone these days wants high profits and a “lifestyle business” but wants little to do with actually serving customers. Automated income streams, charging “what you’re worth”, and lists instead of relationships seem to especially dominate the online business world.

When a customer decides to proactively reach out to get help for a problem they are trying to solve in their life or business, it almost seems as if the service or product provider is calling all the shots and the customer has no right to make any demands.

I have encountered “experts” who are so stuck on the 1-2-3 solutions they provide that they completely forget that each customer is unique and that pleasing a customer sometimes requires us to color outside the box and come up with creative solutions just for them. In turn, customers will reward us with referrals and their loyalty.

The bottom line is that business is not about us—it’s about how well we can meet someone else’s need or solve their problem.  Customers don’t and shouldn’t have to care about our profit margin our desire to have a “4-hour work week”. They simply want the best level of service and the highest quality product available, and if we can’t provide that, a competitor will happily fill the gap.

No one has to do business with us—we have the privilege to serve those who trust us with their time and financial resources. The old adage “the customer is king” still holds true, although it seems many of today’s business owners have become so self-focused that they forget who actually keeps them in business: their customers!

Of course, we have a right to create a business and lifestyle that aligns with our calling and values, but we cannot demand that our customers dance to our beat. Instead, we must carefully evaluate who we take on as customers before we invite them to do business with us.

For example, if you are a dentist who serves working professionals yet your office hours are inconvenient for this target audience, your choice is to either adjust your practice hours or find an audience that will be satisfied with your desired work schedule. What you can’t do is demand that people take on the inconvenience of complying with your desired schedule.

Not sure if you are losing leads and customers because of a lack of personalized service? Contemplate the following:

  1. Are your lifestyle and business approach in sync with the people you are trying to serve, or are you attempting to force your target audience into your way of doing business?
  2. Do you really listen to what your customers ask for, or are you set on offering only a pre-determined set of products or services?
  3. Do you refuse requests for custom proposals and agreements, or do you welcome your customers’ requests with a spirit of generosity and service?

If your business offers convenience, exceptional service, and competitive pricing to its customers in addition to great products and services, I guarantee you that you will always have an advantage in the marketplace. The bottom line is this: love your customers and treat them as if they were royalty, or someone else will.

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