Doing Business Christ’s Way—Let’s Start a Love Revolution!

RevolutionThis morning as I was heading to a client site, I listened to a woman on the radio talk about her 2-year-old son who contracted pneumonia and how hard it was to make it through the week because of work obligations.

The thought of a mother having to choose between caring for her sick toddler and showing up for work made me sick to my stomach. How is that even a choice? I thought.

Then, I remembered the many occasions during my corporate days when I myself had to make this choice. I also remember sitting at work, worried sick, not being able to focus and feeling resentful toward the “system”.

As I was listening to this young mom’s story, I felt Jesus nudging me. WHAT IF…? I heard Him say in my spirit.

What if employers responded to someone’s true needs with:

“Don’t worry. Take care of your baby. We will manage just fine…”

“What can we do to help?”

“We will get a prayer team together right away!”

“Take as much time as you need to make sure he’s okay.”

What if the body of Christ truly supported one another as brothers and sisters? I believe that this is possible, but it requires that we boldly step into our faith instead of leaving it at home when we get in our cars and head to work.

God calls on us to “strengthen our brethren” (Luke 22:32), to stand in the gap for them and help them stand when they cannot stand on their own. The true power to transform culture lies in believers working “as one” to carry out heaven’s agenda. We must learn to band together, to truly support one another, and to say no to “business as usual”.

Those of us who are in leadership positions must use our position and influence to cast a different kind of vision—one that is God-inspired. We must work to raise up other faithful leaders who will commit to changing culture from within, one person at a time.

What can you do today to strengthen your brothers and sisters in Christ? How can you represent Jesus at your place of work, and what steps can you take to transform your company from a culture of cold-hearted achievement to one of placing people above profit?

Will you join me in starting a love revolution? We serve the God of the impossible, and when we said yes to Him, we were set free to do anything! It is time to stop submitting to the ways of the enemy and make room for heaven to invade earth.

If you are a corporate leader or small business executive and want to learn more about how to create a Kingdom enterprise that will stand as a mighty force for good, I invite you to email me at Let’s start a conversation!


  1. Rachel says:

    Those are some heart-felt questions. I’ve seen the Lord strengthen me through your coaching and encouragement. I am grateful for the work you’re doing in the kingdom!!

    • Hi Rachel, I so appreciate your feedback and kind words! Nothing more wonderful than the body of Christ working together to manifest God’s agenda on earth. Together let’s encourage many others to step into their calling!

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