About My Father’s Business—Who Are You Building It For, Anyway?

Tower of BabelThe past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging for me. As I started working on a big corporate client project, my family was dealing with all kinds of health issues, and it seemed like nothing was going right. I had to literally lean on God just to make it through each day.

In the midst of it all, it seems He was teaching me just that—minute-by-minute faith, letting go of my preconceived ideas about how things should work out, and trusting Him to fix things rather than exhausting myself by trying to bring order to the chaos.

I had to focus on today and today only. For someone like me who is a planner and driver who “gets stuff done”, this seemed ridiculously difficult. Fearing the loss of revenue or perhaps even the loss of a client due to my being sick and not being able to keep many of my commitments weighed heavily on my mind.

Meanwhile, God reminded me that He was my only true source of provision and that I needed to stop idolizing my business, my email list, and anything else I had attached worth to and was afraid of losing. Ouch! Yes, I confessed, I was not willing to give up my business. But what if that was what He called me to do someday? How committed was I really to going wherever God called me?

When the path was unclear and He asked me to step out in faith, was I really ready to say yes, or was I so stuck on trying to control my own life that I ignored His promptings? Was I more worried about disappointing and losing the admiration of people than I was about my life and work being aligned with God’s will? These questions challenged me to the core.

God was teaching me that I needed to let go, to not cultivate any attachment to man-made creations or the approval of people. I am not called to “make a name for myself” but to make Him famous (Genesis 11:4) by blessing others through my work. He wanted me to learn how to focus only on Him and realize that no matter how many worldly accomplishments came and went, He was the one thing that remained, always faithful and never changing.

I can’t quite wrap my brain around how this experience has changed me just yet, but I will tell you that I will no longer feel guilty when I am unable to post on social media for a day, can’t find time to write a blog article, or send out a weekly e-zine to my list. I have finally let go of “business as usual” and handed the reins to God.

I truly believe that God does not want us to create “cookie-cutter” businesses that simply repeat the same formula everyone else uses. He wants us to create spirit-infused enterprises that focus only on what He has authorized to do and nothing else.

Coming out of this experience, that will be my focus—rather than making a 10-year plan based on my own strategic thought process, I will simply ask, “What’s my next step, Lord?”

I pray that what I shared here will lead you to contemplate your own approach to business. Who are you building it for? Are you about your Father’s business or your own? What attitudes or things do you need to let go of to serve Him better?

If you would like my help in creating a business that has a Kingdom agenda as its foundation or need to realign your business with God’s plan for your life, I invite you to schedule a “Next Level Business Success” strategy session with me.

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