5 Things You Must Stop Doing to Find Success in 2015

NewYearIt’s January, and many people are busy making New Year’s resolutions, setting 2015 goals, and thinking about new habits they want to adopt to improve their lives or businesses this year.

Unfortunately, only 8% will succeed in reaching their New Year’s goals!*

While there is nothing wrong with making a yearly plan for achievement, I believe that the reason so few of us actually reach our goals is because we fail to also adopt the proper mindset for success.

That is why this year I won’t give you a long list must-have business goals for 2015—instead, I will give you five things you must STOP doing if you want to see a new level of success in 2015.

1. STOP letting the calendar control your ability to succeed.

God is not limited by what day, month, or season we find ourselves in. He is not dependent on economic conditions, the weather, or which holiday is next on the calendar. Because you are in Christ and God is your Kingdom business partner, your success is not limited by any of these, either. You live under an open heaven, and heaven’s economy is always excellent! Our reality reflects our beliefs, and if we make ourselves slaves to what the world wants us to believe about our ability to succeed, we are limiting what God can accomplish through us.

2. STOP accepting your perception as reality.

It’s time to get your mind right. How often do you verbalize your thoughts of doubt, fear, and unbelief? Do you say things like, “Business is really slow right now,” or, “I just can’t seem to find customers,” “My marketing is not working,” or even, “Summer is bad for business”? If so, it is time to align your thoughts with the mind of Christ!

Instead of dwelling on what you see in the natural, start saying things like, “The Lord is blessing all the work of my hands” (Deut. 28:12), “I will always be on top, never at the bottom” (Deut. 28:13), and “I prosper in everything I do” (Ps. 1:3). Take God by His Word, and see your mindset and your business transformed!

3. STOP depending on your own effort.

Are you setting goals for your business that seem “within reach”? Are you playing it safe and adjusting your yearly planning to what you think can easily be achieved? If so, it’s time to plan for something bigger, add some zeros at the end of your income goals, and stop depending on your own effort. We serve the God of the impossible; why not stretch our faith and expectations to align with what He wants to accomplish rather than our own limited view of what can be done? This year, take a leap of faith and plan MUCH bigger.

4. STOP trying to be all things to all people.

Let this be the year that you become intentional about what you say yes to! Stop feeling guilty about saying no to projects and people that don’t align with the vision God has given you for your life and business. Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit reveals to you as you meet with potential customers, strategic partners, or those you consider hiring to help you with your business operations. Stop lowering your prices, letting others dictate the terms of working with you, and adapting your strategies in order to please everyone.

5. STOP comparing.

Comparison will stop you dead in your tracks if you allow it to grab hold of your emotions. Before you know it, you will feel like giving up and become dissatisfied with your progress and resentful toward others who seem to be and have everything you want yet haven’t achieved yet. Stop looking at how far along others are in their business journeys—what you see is rarely the complete picture.

Instead, focus on what God has put in front of you and keep your eyes on the task at hand. No one can claim your anointing and what God wants to bless you with, but if you spend all your time envying what someone else has been blessed with, you will miss what God wants to do in your business.

If you would like additional help in adopting the right mindset for success and creating a strategic plan that will take your business to the next level of success in 2015, I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Next Level Business Success” strategy session with me. Let’s work together and plan for a year of unparalleled achievement!

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*(research credit: University of Scranton)

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