A Design After God’s Own Heart: Finding Your Identity in the Men and Women of the Bible

who are question on a napkin with a cup of coffeeWhen I was a teenager, I really struggled with my identity, particularly because many of my interests involved not-so-girly things like motorcycles, martial arts, and wood shop. My parents didn’t raise me to be particularly drawn to these things; I simply had preferences that differed from most girls.

Fast forward to today: I would still rather build a fence than bake a cake, with the only difference being that I finally learned to embrace who God created me to be. The road to get here, however, was fraught with many painful experiences.

You see, rather than owning my identity, I tried to fit into a profile that was not meant for me. I would get ultra-frustrated because other girls were good at things like makeup, fashion, and cooking (including my own mother), and I just simply couldn’t find the passion or knack for it.

For the longest time, I thought there was something wrong with me that I had to change and that my preferences were not “normal.” That is, until I was introduced to Deborah (Judges 4-5).

You see, when I met Deborah in the book of Judges, I instantly understood God’s plan for me, past and present. I saw myself reflected in this strong, independent woman, wife, warrior, judge, and prophetess. I realized that my design was after God’s own heart—He didn’t “accidentally” fit me with the personality and gifts I had questioned so many times.

Taking ownership of who God created me to be completely transformed my life, and, over time, I learned how to use my unique traits for the Kingdom through entrepreneurship. I saw that my strength could bless and encourage others when they felt defeated, my courage could lend confidence to those who were afraid of taking risks, and my perseverance would support others in standing against the works of the enemy.

Who did God create you to be? Contemplate which aspects of God’s character you represent most and which Bible character most closely resembles your personality and gifting.

SabineQuote11Do you have the gift of shepherding others like Abraham? Are you a gifted advisor like Daniel? Are you a natural born leader like Joshua or Paul? Or, perhaps you have a prophetic gift like Isaiah or John?

Studying the many characters of the Bible and how they found their calling will provide you with valuable insight to how God may want to use you for His purposes.  As a Kingdom entrepreneur, it will also help you get clarity on what type of business may be most suitable for you.

One of my favorite books about the men and women of the Bible is All the Men/All the Women Compilation by Herbert Lockyer—find it on Amazon.

Still feel uncertain about your unique identity and how God wants to use you in business? Check out our Kingdom Business Discovery Program or post your questions below.

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