Scaling Up: How to Grow Your Business without Losing Yourself

Love Vs Money Icon Decision Illustration DesignI recently read an interesting article in Twin Cities Business magazine about a young woman who had successfully run her own business for seven years and, in an effort to continue the growth of her business, sought out investors.

She spent countless hours responding to requests for material only to learn that the investor she was hoping would help her thought she was “too emotional” about her business, and, considering this a red flag, they turned her down.

This story made me think about what really matters in our businesses. Do size, revenue, or market share really matter more than passion and drive? I think not! As Christian entrepreneurs, we start businesses not only because we want to support our families, but also because we want to make a difference in the world for the glory of God.

I imagined how this young lady’s story would have ended if the investor had said yes. Would the control of the investor have dulled or even extinguished her spirit for the sake of profit? Would she have become an order taker trying to appease the investor rather than a passionate visionary?

If in our search for “greatness” we lose sight of why we started our businesses in the first place, we will most certainly end up losing ourselves. This is why it is crucial that we look at our Kingdom businesses with the eyes of faith rather than through the world’s looking glass.

We must disregard profit as our primary objective and instead look at Kingdom currency. Yes, a business absolutely must produce a profit to be viable; however, profit must never be allowed to take the place of purpose.

If you have grown your business to a point where you feel you must seek investors, form partnerships, or shift your approach to focus on even greater profitability, take the time to ask yourself:

Will this next step. . .

  • Force me to abandon the vision God originally gave me for my business?
  • Force me to take on roles and tasks that are contrary to my calling?
  • Cause me to lose my passion, excitement, and drive?
  • Negatively impact my desired lifestyle and family relationships?

Our society and business world is programmed to think bigger is always better, but is it really? Make sure you count the cost that comes with an uncontrolled appetite for success and wealth.

God has the perfect plan for your Kingdom business, and it includes every detail, now and in the future. As you grow your business, seek Him first and take only the steps He leads you to, even if they seem completely contrary to what the world’s counsel would advise you to do.

I pray you build a business focused on your highest gifts and it fills you with joy, peace, and a deep sense of living life with intention. If you would like my help in starting or growing your Kingdom business, I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Next Level Business Growth” strategy session with me—click below to schedule.

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