Fear of Commitment: Are You “All In” When It Comes to Your Business?

commitment street signRecently, my teenage daughter climbed behind the steering wheel of my truck for the very first time. After the initial heart-stopping excitement of white-knuckling the door handle and nearly putting a hole in the floorboard via my imaginary brake had worn off, we started focusing on the finer nuances of the driving experience.

There was one particular sticking point my daughter seemed to struggle with—I call it “fear of commitment.” She would either hesitatingly roll out half way into an intersection and stop, or she would sit and wait forever waiting for the perfect moment to go.

As we practiced to overcome her trepidation, it occurred to me that entrepreneurial mindset can be a lot like the “commit/don’t commit” game we seemed to play over and over again.

Entrepreneurs who hesitate to get “all-in” when it comes to investing their time, talent, and treasure in their businesses are bound to eventually a) collide with the competition or b) stay stuck where they are indefinitely.

In order to succeed in business, we must commit to doing whatever is necessary to realize our dreams. That means we must persevere during the rough start-up stage, muscle our way through the growth stage, and have a long-term plan for sustainable success.

There are three key ingredients needed to fully commit to your business:

  1. Vision – know where you are going. We need a crystal clear vision of what God has called us to accomplish. This greater WHY will give importance to even the most mundane of tasks.
  2. Faith – believe you will get there safely. We need a strong foundation of faith that God will see us through even the toughest business challenges.
  3. Grit – have the courage to go. We must learn to deal with rejection, disappointment, failure, and putting ourselves in vulnerable positions. Giving up is simply not an option.

Reality is, no matter how long we sit at the intersection of our dreams and their manifestation, there will never come a perfect time to commit. There will, however, always be a right time to commit: the moment when God calls us to make a move.

Our obedience to this call—along with the three ingredients of commitment listed above—will make the difference between our staying stuck at the starting line, pulling out of the race prematurely, or reaching the finish line! SabineQuote15

I encourage you today to take a closer look at where you may be holding back from achieving your highest potential.

Are you fully committed to your business? Are you willing to take risks and grab hold of opportunities, even if they seem intimidating at first? Are you following through and sticking to your vision and goals, even when things don’t go so well? Are you seeking the professional help you need to push through obstacles?

If you would like my help in moving your business forward with a step-by-step, customized success plan, I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Next Level Business Success” strategy session with me. Click below to access my online calendar and let’s get started!

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