The Power of Words: Is Your Tongue the Enemy of Your Success?

Words Have PowerAfter a short period of writer’s block, the Lord gave me a message in a dream about the importance of words. In this dream, God showed me the word “incantation” over and over again, and I heard different types of music.

Because the word incantation is not a word I often encounter or use in my vocabulary, I looked up its exact definition when I woke up. Merriam-Webster defines it as “a use of spells or verbal charms spoken or sung as a part of a ritual of magicalso: a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect.”

After reading this definition, I understood my dream to be a divine teaching on the power and importance of words (ref. Heb. 4:12). The key word incantation from my dream served to illustrate that we need to pay particular attention to the repetitive recitation of words.

I am certain all of you have experienced having a particular song stuck in your head. When that happens, it seems almost impossible not to hear it auto-play in your mind and perhaps even find yourself humming or singing along. Similarly, you may have memorized bible verses, affirmations, or other material that frequently come to mind as you go through your day.

God showed me that the process of mentally replaying these songs, words, sentences, and verses is the equivalent of speaking an incantation over and over. Wikipedia states, “An incantation may take place during a ritual, either a hymn or prayer, and may invoke or praise a deity.”

The question is, who or what are you praising, and what deity are you invoking?

Occultists understand and practice this principle very well, which is why so many New Age books focus on the power of the word (ref. 1 John 4:1). As Christians, however, we are to focus on God’s Word above all else, and if what we are listening to and filling our minds with is not in line with scripture, it’s time to clean house (ref. Ps. 141:3).

I believe God showed me in this very vivid dream that we as Believers need to practice much greater discernment in the words we listen to, whether it is the written, spoken, or sung word. I also believe that He particularly chose me to share this message because of my past in the occult—He knew that I would be able to interpret the dream and bring this message to the right audience.

It is not intended to be a message of condemnation or judgment, but one of encouragement.  Personally, this dream inspired me to take inventory of all areas of my life and renew my commitment to taking every one of my thoughts captive to obey Christ (ref. 2 Cor. 10:5).

Will you join me? Simply take some time and evaluate the written or spoken words you allow yourself or your family to be exposed to throughout your day. Let’s agree to speak life, truth, goodness, hope, grace, love, kindness, blessings, forgiveness, faith, and mercy—and let us reject anything that threatens to distort the message of the Gospel and our identity in Christ (ref. Ps. 19:14).

If you struggle with keeping a Christ-centered mindset, I invite you to contact me or post your comments below. I would love to help you get focused and achieve success in what God has called you to do in your Kingdom business.

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