Your Kingdom Business: A Force for Good in a Chaotic World

Jesus Christ Signpost Means Faith Worship Peace And LoveFrom Christians suffering horrible persecution in Iraq to the conflicts in Israel, the Ukraine, and other parts of the world, my heart has been feeling heavier and more burdened these past couple of weeks.  Add to that the bad news of Robin Williams’ suicide and the confrontations in Ferguson, Missouri, and you have the perfect cocktail for distraction, worry, and anxiety.

How shall we live during times such as these? I prayed. More so, how can we focus on building Kingdom businesses here while so many are suffering elsewhere?

To be honest, a large part of me just wanted it all to go away: the horrible images, the sadness, and the political discussions of who is right and who is wrong. I wanted peace to prevail so I could go back to business as usual.

Some people I know suggested that I simply turn off the news and focus on my immediate surroundings, but I knew in my heart this was not how God intends for us to respond when others are in crisis.

Then, I read something in a book I had recently purchased: Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson. The chapter I am referring to described the disciples’ attitude in Acts 4. The author writes:

“Their overwhelming expression was to cry out for more. Peter prayed for more. He did not pray for relief in the midst of persecution, but instead for more boldness, that expression that sometimes offends, so that he could go deeper into the realms of darkness and pull out more victims.”

Wow! There was my answer. You see, I had missed the fact that great opposition also hides great opportunity. When the world around us seems to fall apart, we are not to despair but ask God to show us how we can glorify Him in the darkness. The darker it gets around us, the brighter we must shine our lights and become a beacon on the hill for the lost, the hopeless, and the suffering.

SabineQuote9But how do we lead during a time when we ourselves are in need of edification and encouragement? The simple answer: you don’t. The only way we can remain effective in serving God during times such as these is to acknowledge our dependency and stay close to the vine.

It becomes more important than ever to make the time to fill up our spiritual tanks daily. When the enemy wants us to fall down and give up in despair, we are called to fasten our armor just a little bit tighter (Eph. 6:11) and stand!

Here are some specific things you can do when you are hit with feelings of hopelessness and unrest.

Amp up your praise. The enemy hates nothing worse than when we praise our Lord with gusto! Worship where you are, sing to Him, praise Him, and give Him glory to fight back the darkness (Acts16:25-26, Ps. 148:1-14).

Remind yourself that the battle is spiritual. As believers, we know we will face trials in the world, but we also know that Jesus has already overcome the world. We are not fighting people; we are battling the forces of darkness that operate in the unsaved (see John 16:33, Eph. 6:12, Eph. 2:1-2).

Pray in unity with others. There is power in corporate prayer, and the Bible tells us that when two or more of us gather in God’s name, He will be right there with us (Matt. 18:19-20, Joel 1:14).

Do something practical. Use your Kingdom business to raise funds to help those in need, or donate some of your time or treasure to support the cause you care about (1 John 3:17, Acts 20:35).

Let us use our Kingdom businesses as a force for good and platform to boldly proclaim the goodness of God. When the world around us starts shaking, let us demonstrate unwavering peace, hope, faith, love for others, and unity in Christ. Will you join me?

SabineQuote10For more articles on how to strengthen your faith and use your Kingdom business as a force of good during rough times, please visit the main site of our blog.


  1. Rita says:

    Well said. Thanks for shining your light.

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