Surviving the Flood: The Value of Going Back to Basics

Back to BasicsBecause I love all things “business,” I am forever looking to apply lessons I learn in other areas of my life in a way that will benefit my clients.

One such occasion presented itself when my husband and I attended a marriage enrichment class, and the instructor related Revelation 2:4 (“However, I have this against you: you have abandoned the love you had at first”) to the way we should treat our spousal relationships.

I couldn’t help but draw a correlation to how quickly we can lose the love and passion for our businesses when the initial excitement is gone and we start feeling stressed and overwhelmed by financial pressures and too much to do.

SabineQuote7As entrepreneurs, we are exposed daily to thousands of business ideas, tips, and tools presented to us via social media, articles, e-zines, and countless other sources of information. When our brains try to take in this flood of new knowledge, it can easily lead to confusion and frustration as we chart our path to business success.

Over time, we can lose sight of what initially led to our success by following too many conflicting sources of advice.  That’s when we need to go “back to basics.”  It’s time to slow down, reflect on our journey thus far, and review what truly contributed to our success versus what only served to distract us.

  1. Keep Your Main Inbox Clean – I keep a separate email address for all list subscriptions, which allows me to occasionally “delete all” and restrict my main inbox to client inquiries, partnership opportunities, and operational emails.
  2. Narrow Your List of “Experts” – Select a small number of mentors you trust and follow through on implementing their recommendations. The more people you follow, the more confusing the advice and opinions that will come your way.
  3. Measure Your Success – Study how your prospects find you, what type of prospects convert to customers, how many of your customers are repeat customers, and which of your marketing methods are most successful. Then, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t!
  4. Ask Lots of Questions – This is the only way to find out what your customers truly want. What do they like best about your business? What do they want more/less of? What other problems to they have for which you can offer a solution? No more wasting time on solutions no one buys.
  5. Remember Your WHY – When you lose your way, go back to why you started your business in the first place. What is your core competency, and are you still focusing on it? Renew your commitment to the mission and vision of your business.
  6. Refocus Your Strengths – If you feel like you are doing too many things you don’t enjoy and not enough of what you do, it’s a sure sign that you have strayed from using your greatest strengths. Your strengths fuel your passion, and if you aren’t using them, you won’t be at your best.
  7. Let Go of What Doesn’t Work – Some time ago, I decided to try out a fancy time management system only to find out that I absolutely hated it. I missed my hand-written to-do lists! Be open to experiments but equally willing to abandon what doesn’t serve you or bring you joy.

SabineQuote8Implement any or all of the above tips, and rediscover a love for your business! If you need additional help with figuring out your perfect formula for success, I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Next Level Business Success” strategy session with me. You can access my online calendar by clicking below.

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