7 Lies Entrepreneurs Believe About Success

Truth ConceptHas the enemy successfully robbed you of your divine inheritance and talked you into deferring or even abandoning the fulfillment of your God-given dreams?  If so, it’s time to fight back and reclaim what has been stolen from you!

Many years ago when I was a burned-out corporate leader, my main objective seemed to be climbing the ladder as quickly as I could, making the greatest amount of money possible in the shortest amount of time required. I wanted to retire early, so I could finally live the life I dreamed and do the things I enjoyed the most.

My career—despite its outward appearance of increasing success—always felt more like a prison sentence than an enjoyable, meaningful way to spend  one third (and often more) of my waking hours. My days were filled with stress, conflict, and feeling like even my best effort wasn’t good enough for the always hungry yet never satisfied machine that is corporate America.

I often dreamed about escaping it all and starting my own business, but discouragement would always take over and keep me from pursuing any of my ideas. It was not until after I had surrendered my life to Christ in my late thirties that I really understood where most of these thoughts came from: Satan, the enemy of my soul.

He would bombard me with the following lies (and then some). They stopped me dead in my tracks every single time until I learned how to shut out his voice and focus on what God said was possible and what He had planned for my life.

  1. You’re too late to start something new.
    Making your calling appear gargantuan in effort is one of the enemy’s favorite ways of luring you into feeling overwhelmed and deterring you from even trying. He will tell you that you are too old, that someone else has already claimed what you want, that you have too much invested in your previous career, and so forth.SabineQuote3
    Surrender your calling, and remind yourself that God has unlimited resources (Luke 18:27).
  1. You’ll never catch up with the competition.
    Comparison is one of the enemy’s chief weapons of discouragement. If he can get you to focus on how far behind you are in the “game of success,” he just may get
    you to give up. Don’t miss your own blessing because you are too busy coveting someone else’s (John 21:20-22). No one else can claim what God has intended for you, so there is no need to worry about others getting ahead of you.
  1. You’re letting go of your safety net.
    The enemy wants you to cling to worldly sources of provision and get you to focus on your regular paycheck, benefits, and stock options. The greater he can make that loss appear, the less likely you will be to step out on your own. Allow God to guide you as you financially plan and prepare for your business, and always remember who your true source is (Phil. 4:19).
  1. You’re not (insert adjective) enough.
    The accuser will take every chance he gets to remind you of your insecurities. You’re never smart enough, good enough, attractive enough—you name it. Root yourself in God’s truth about who you are in Christ, and tell the devil he’s a liar (2 Cor. 5:17)! You are perfectly equipped for exactly what God has called you to do (2 Cor. 12:9).
  1. You didn’t hear God correctly.
    Doubt is another tool the enemy will use to deter you from pursuing your mission. His goal is to interfere with your obedience by seeding doubtful thoughts in your mind. The prime biblical example of this is Genesis 3:4-5 when the serpent persuaded Eve that she must have misunderstood the Lord, for surely she wouldn’t die if she ate the forbidden fruit.
  1. You should just listen to your feelings.
    Faith comes by hearing the word of God, not by following our feelings, gut, or heart. In fact, the Bible calls the heart deceitful and corrupt (Jer. 17:9). The enemy SabineQuote4would love for you to give in to fear, envy, greed, pride, and other feelings that will take you off your intended path rather than trusting God’s truth.
  1. You should wait until your circumstances are more favorable.
    The enemy will try to convince you to delay—if not abandon—your obedience to what God has called you to do, pointing out unfavorable circumstances to you.
    The perfect time is God’s time—when He asks you to make a move in your Kingdom business, He expects you to step out in faith, at times without a detailed plan or guarantee for success (Eccl. 8:6).

Have you given in to similar lies and perhaps unknowingly fallen prey to the enemy’s deceptive scheme? I invite you to share your story in the comments below. Be encouraged that it is never too late to counter the enemy’s lies with God’s truth and find freedom to pursue your purpose and calling.

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