How To Overcome Fear

Overcome fearAre you stuck in moving your business forward because you struggle with overcoming your fears? You are not alone!  Fear is one of the major factors Kingdom entrepreneurs cite when asked what is stopping them from starting or growing their business.

The Bible contains more than 300 verses that address the subject of fear, reminding us that God knows our fearful hearts and wants us to take courage in His presence, wisdom and provision for our needs. Some of my favorites are Psalm 27:1 ; Psalm 56:3-4 ; 2 Timothy 1:7 and Psalm 91:4-8.  Your key to success lies in understanding how to face and overcome fear, both spiritually and practically.

The most successful people go for “NO”, meaning they go after what they desire in full awareness that they may fail.  What sets them apart is their willingness to take a step of faith, knowing that we never truly have the perfect skill set or subject matter expertise for anything new we attempt.  More likely than not, their courage will pay off and even in the event that they shall fail, they will learn from the experience and increase their overall success potential. Most importantly, they will be far ahead of everyone else who is still waiting to muster up courage.  [Tweet “Faith and confidence opens more doors than learned skill ever will.”] Here are seven specific strategies you can use to overcome fear in your business:

  1. Take inventory of any transferable skills you have – what’s already in your toolkit that you can utilize to make your new endeavor successful?
  2. Learn the art of doing a “dry-run” – find a trusted peer, relative or friend to practice your sales calls, webinars, presentations, etc.
  3. Anticipate the obstacles – write down everything you fear may go wrong and strategize potential solutions ahead of time
  4. Get encouraged – allow your mastermind group, Coach or mentor to build your confidence and pray for your success
  5. Follow in someone’s foot steps – find someone who has succeeded in what you are trying to achieve, ask them how they did it and what they learned in the process
  6. Don’t obsess over past failures – give yourself permission to fail forward and remember that you grow with each experience
  7. Tame your mind – focus your imagination on a positive outcome and remind yourself that most of our fears never actually materialize

Most of all, pray and listen to God’s leading as you start new projects and give praise in advance that you will succeed in what He calls you to do.

If you need additional help in overcoming your fears of moving your Kingdom business forward, I would be honored to come alongside you as your Coach.  I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Next Level Business Growth” strategy session with me – let’s explore how we can partner to ensure your success.

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