Why my family went to see NOAH and yours should too

NoahPrior to viewing the movie Noah, I had done my research, read the reviews and listened to opinions on how well or not the story of Noah was represented in this film.  I had seen the trailer and at first glance, the cinematography appeared impressive and imaginative although there seemed to be a flurry of negative if not hateful comments circulating on Facebook and elsewhere on the web.

My husband and I decided to go see it anyway.  Now before you dismiss this this article because you think I am spiritually confused or misled, I encourage you to read all of it and at least temporarily suspend your judgment.  While merely the title of this post may rouse a few religious spirits, I am willing to take the risk because what I have to say is important and some of you may be blessed by it.

[Spoiler Alert]  True to much of its criticism, about 10 minutes into the movie we were confronted with the idea that fallen angels turned rock people were somehow part of this story in Genesis, that Noah and his family were environmentalists and vegetarians and that they lived in the most barren landscape imaginable, along with a few rather bizarre looking animal companions (think coyote meets armadillo) [End Spoiler Alert].

OK, so someone clearly let their imagination run a little too far one may say, but there is far more to this movie than most unsuspecting viewers may realize.  The subtle yet spiritually significant nuances contained in movie may completely escape the average person’s attention and as a result, new and maturing believers may easily be deceived while those who consider themselves grown Christians may simply choose to stay away.

The problem however is that when we refuse to engage in (let alone infiltrate) culture and instead shut the door on anything that appears to offend the acceptable presentation of the gospel, we are missing out on valuable opportunities to minister to those who may be less mature, knowledgeable or discerning.

This is why I believe that part of MY testimony and calling is to share things hidden that perhaps most believers won’t or are afraid to touch.  After all, if none of us are willing to teach others what a counterfeit looks like, how are they supposed to recognize one when it is offered to them?  Furthermore, how will we stay aware of what non-believers are being exposed to and how we can best counteract these false teachings with truth?

The reality is, the movie Noah opened as #1 at the box office and grossed an estimated $44 million dollars on opening weekend.  This means lots of believers and non-believers alike went to see this movie and I for one feel compelled to share what I observed and what I know to be the truth with anyone who cares to know.  If you care about the welfare of your Christian brothers and sisters who saw the movie and about reaching non-believers whose curiosity has peaked as a result of  viewing the film, I challenge you to consider watching Noah and using your experience as a platform to share the true gospel.

After watching Noah, my family and I had a long dinner conversation that included re-reading the story in the bible, comparing differences and discussing the hidden messages we perceived Hollywood was trying to “sell” to the viewers of this film, including elements of paganism and the occult.  We openly talked where else each of us might have noticed similar clues in the past and how to discern them.  In addition, we gave credit to the creative genius and talent of the actors and cinematographers, recognizing that all gifts come from God.

The bottom line is that we must never underestimate how God will use even a secular tool to draw someone closer to Him.  I know that even before I met Christ, I found His signature in the most unlikeliest of places, leading me like a trail of bread crumbs, ever closer to Him.  He knew exactly what I was ready for at each point in my life, never overwhelming me with more than I could handle and always revealing Himself in a way I would be able to understand.  It is with this kind of unfailing love and faithfulness that we must patiently engage with those who are undecided about their belief in God – or as Paul says in Colossians 4:5-6 “make the most of every opportunity…”

I am grateful for those in my life who prayed for me, ministered to me and loved me, even as I still walked in darkness (you know who you are…).  In the present, I am honored to accept God’s call on my life to share my testimony with others who are uncertain about their faith, who long to come home but are not sure how, who yearn for acceptance, purpose and the kind of love, mercy and hope that only Jesus can offer.  

As a business coach who works with mission-driven entrepreneurs, it is my greatest pleasure to empower and inspire them to do the same in the unique way God has called them to partner with Him for His glory and the advancement of His kingdom.  How may I support YOU today as you discover your mission?




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