Out with the old, in with the new – Make 2014 your best year ever!

 What will YOU do differently in 2014?

Your best year ever

Whether you have your entire year already planned or are struggling with where to start, allow my top 5 business lessons of 2013 to inspire you to create your best year ever:

Get rid of what doesn’t serve you
I confess, I can be somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to technology, training and productivity tools which can put an unnecessary burden on my expense budget.  What I learned in 2013 is that it is ok to let go of the Yeti-size technology footprint and downsize to only the essential.  Keeping true to this revelation, I spent the first two days of 2014 cancelling tools, making changes to my website and saying good-bye to things that no longer serve my business vision.

Be 100% unapologetically authentic
One of my greatest revelation in 2013 was that I am a Firestarter rather than a Torchbearer, a Sprinter vs. a Marathoner.  That said, I learned to see my gift of being a visionary and being able to create start-up momentum for a project as an asset rather than beating myself up for it!  This will have the greatest impact on how I structure my programs and services in 2014 and also gave me insight into why some of my clients experience difficulty with following through.

Honor your personality and work style
Spontaneity is huge for me as I go about my daily business. I discovered that I absolutely require this in order to continue feeling inspired and generate new ideas.  As soon as something becomes routine or turns into a “have-to” I lose interest pretty quickly.  This surprised me at first because I generally like things to be well organized and planned but then I remembered that my The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™  is “Fire-Earth”.  Fire personalities are easily bored with routine and overwhelming detail while Earth types love a good plan!  Realizing this allowed me to focus my 2014 business plan on building a strong team that can support me during the homestretch of big projects.

Choose the size of your audience
Trying out a variety of new ideas in 2013 I discovered that I love working with a disciple-ship business model much more than a community model.  What I mean by that is that I prefer to work with a smaller core group of coaching clients rather than serve the masses.  I prefer getting to know each and every one of my clients in person and support them in making their dreams become a reality rather than disseminate generic business information to a large audience without any personal interaction.  In 2014 I will honor my introvert nature that craves meaningful interaction and being able to observe the positive results of working with a client.

Work on yourself as much as you work on your business
In late summer of 2013 I took a risk and hired a new Coach after a less than satisfactory experience the prior year.  My biggest revelation as I started working with this new Coach was that most of my challenges had very little to do with business modeling, strategic planning or which tools of the trade to use but rather my own unresolved hang-ups and a need for even deeper self-discovery.  The most valuable gift my Coach gave me in 2013 was to reconnect me with my true identity in Christ and what I am called to do in this season of my life.  The clarity this has allowed me to achieve relative to my 2014 goals is priceless!

If you have big goals for your business in 2014 and would like me to walk along-side you as your Business Coach, I invite you to schedule a complimentary “Next Level Business Success” session with me.

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Let’s give those dreams of yours the necessary kick-off to your best year ever!

Happy New Year!

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