Is there an idol standing between you and your dreams?

IdolI recently heard someone say that “behind every fear is an idol”* and it prompted me to explore whether there is a connection between this quote and the reasons so many people are stuck where they are and in some cases continually gain distance between themselves and their God-given calling.

You see, when we are fearful of something, it always means that we are unwilling or unprepared to give up or lose something we hold dear.  This can represent a physical object, a relationship or something less tangible like pride, our status or how people perceive us.

Whenever any of us are asked to take a risk, we are inclined to ask the question “what’s it going to cost me?”.  Our sense of self-preservation kicks in and we instinctively focus on what we stand to loose rather than the possibilities and perfect plan God has promised us for our lives.

Let’s be brutally honest, few of us have faith so strong that we are willing to trust God 100% under all circumstances and to the extent that we will put everything at risk to follow Him, no questions asked – yours truly included. We say we do but our actions often don’t reflect it and it becomes our daily struggle to examine ourselves and our attachment or devotion to all things other than God Himself, aka our self-made idols.

Whether it’s trying something outside of your comfort zone, doing something you know will draw critics or speaking up for yourself in the face of unfair treatment – how often have YOU held back because of fear? Is there an idol lurking behind those fears?

I believe that throughout our lives we all create idols (often without realizing it) that demand our sacrifices from the first moment we start giving them our attention.  Jesus warns us of this in Matthew 19:16-30 where a young man decides that the cost of giving up his earthly treasures in order to follow Jesus is a price he is not willing to pay.

We must of course be careful here and not falsely interpret this parable to say that Jesus wants us to be poor or that we need to give up all our earthly possessions in order to follow Jesus.  Instead, what this story illustrates is that when we begin idolizing our material possessions, our attitudes or accomplishments,  we simultaneously become enslaved by them and lose our freedom to follow God’s call without inhibitions.

God calls us to rely on Him as our sole source of provision but we often trust in man made provision instead.  We cling to what we have because we feel that it cannot easily be replaced…by us!  After all, we worked hard for the money in our bank accounts, that name plate on our office door and the cool new car parked in the garage.

The good news is that in Mark 10:28-31, Jesus tells us that if we find the courage to “let go”, lay our idols at His feet and follow Him, we will not fail to receive a hundred times as much as what we agree to leave behind! What do YOU need to let go of so that you can pursue God’s call to start or grow your Kingdom business?

If you would like my help in identifying what is holding you back from reaching your greatest potential in business and life, I invite you to set up a complimentary “next level business growth” session with me.

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 * Merriam-Webster defines idolatry as:
1 – the worship of a physical object as a god
2 – immoderate attachment or devotion to something

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