How to stay focused on what God has called you to do…

cautionThe winter here in Minnesota can be very rough on cars and roads, and by the time we reach March, huge potholes have usually formed on highways and streets.  Just recently as I was pulling onto an off-ramp, I failed to notice a rather large pothole that had filled with icy slush and with a loud noise that made me fear my car’s axle had broken, my right front tire plunged into the watery trap.

As I regained my nerves after being startled by the noise and jolt, I thought about the number of times my car’s wheels have had to be realigned due to these type of road surprises and it brought to mind a similarity to the adversity we often encounter on our path to find our calling.  You see, our pursuit of God’s call on our lives also demands that we stop often to re-calibrate our mission, lest we veer off the path God has intended for us.

When God first shared with me that I was to use my gifts to “connect others to their calling and to encourage and motivate them along the way”, I thought “Ok, got it!” and eagerly moved forward with my mission.  Along the way however I encountered spiritual and worldly “potholes” that threatened to push my kingdom mission mobile off course.

There were days when  I felt discouraged and subconsciously dragged everyone else into my pity party.  There were others when I felt impatient or frustrated and my messages were critical or accusatory in tone.  I have even had days when my tank was so empty that I felt like giving up and telling everyone else “don’t bother”.

Following your calling is far from a cake walk.  Whether your calling takes the form of kingdom entrepreneurship or some other endeavor, sooner or later you WILL encounter adversity and a shaking of your confidence that will make you question your decision to follow God’s call (Ephesians 6:12).  When that time comes, it is vital that you know how to deal with it.   It is so easy for us to get side-tracked by the world around us and the spiritual influences that work counter to the agenda God has set forth.

Not willing to surrender my calling to the enemy, I prayed for God to show me how I could maintain my focus on the mission He had called me to.  He revealed to me that we must renew our minds on a daily basis (Romans 12:2), reminding ourselves of the essence of what He has called us to and measuring it against our thoughts, spoken words and actions.

Here are some of the key questions we should ask ourselves daily:

  • Do my projects, products and services line up with my God-given mission?
  • Are the messages I put on social media, my blog, etc. true, kind, and necessary?
  • Are my words and actions motivated by the desires of my flesh or by the Holy Spirit?
  • What fruit will my words or actions produce in my life or the lives of others?
  • Are my words or actions focused on temporal or eternal values and objectives?
  • Will my words and actions make others stumble or help them grow in their faith?
  • Are Jesus and God’s word the center of my message and work product?

We must never let our guard down thinking “I got this!” and end up far off the kingdom map.  Instead, we must cling to the vine (John 15:5) so that we may produce bountiful fruit according to God’s will and purposes.  Adversity may test our faith but if we resolve to stay steadfast, we will end up stronger in Christ, perfect and complete, lacking in nothing (see James 1:2-4).

If you need additional help with defining what your God-given mission is or how you can apply it in the form of small business ownership, I invite you to schedule a FREE business strategy session with me.  Let’s work together to expand God’s kingdom through entrepreneurship.  Click below for access to my online calendar.

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