Rain Maker or World Changer? Here’s how you can be both…

bigstock-May--Super-Business-1686864Almost daily I am approached by companies that want to recruit me as an employee, sell me a franchise or talk me into signing up to join their MLM network as a distributor. Add to that the countless calls I get from vendors who want me to contract for projects I am not a fit for and I could easily spend my entire week on the phone telling people I am not interested in their offers.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these opportunities, it did prompt me to write about the importance of aligning our career and business choices with God’s calling on our lives. You see, many people choose their careers or businesses solely based on what someone told them has the highest salary or revenue potential rather than what God has in mind. The consequences of these choices are often an unfulfilling life and career that leave us craving for more.

As a Christian business coach I often help entrepreneurs figure out how to avoid making this mistake and at times course correct if they have already moved too far in the wrong direction. The best strategy to making sure your business is in step with your purpose is to thoroughly evaluate your business idea before you move into the implementation phase. Of course it is not impossible to make adjustments to your business at a later point but the more invested you are, the more challenging this process becomes.

Allow me to share some tips on how to you can assess your business idea or existing business to see how closely you are aligned with God’s plan for your life.

How did God uniquely gift you? When you are operating within your gifts, you will notice that certain tasks seem almost effortless for you. Lean on these gifts as you develop your business – they will be your greatest asset. For example, you may be gifted in encouraging others, teaching, administration or financial stewardship.

I see many entrepreneurs sign up for commitments that take them away from their family, hold them to schedules that they loathe and chain them to a business that seems more like another job than an independent enterprise. Before you decide what kind of business you should start, ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you feel called to live. Do you want to be there every night to kiss your kids goodnight? Do you want to be able to live in multiple locations throughout the year? Do you want to work from home or in an office surrounded by other people?

Just as the Lord has equipped us with a unique set of gifts, He has blessed us with a personality designed just for us. Our personality shapes some of our preferences when it comes to what we like and who we best relate to. For example, if you hate being around large groups of people, selling from a stage is probably not for you. For more on personality types, make sure to check out our favorite assessment, “The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™ by Laurie Beth Jones”.

Our values have an enormous influence on our behavior and how we choose to live and work. For example, if you value autonomy and decide to partner with someone who likes to micro-manage, you will most likely experience much anxiety around having this value repeatedly compromised. What are YOUR values and does your business or business idea resonate with them?

Skills & Talents
Throughout our lives and careers we pick up a variety of skills as we pursue jobs, training and other interests. Add to that the things we are naturally good at and you have a complete portfolio of skills and talents at your disposal to use in your business. What skills and talents do you possess that uniquely qualify you for a certain type of business?

Running a business is hard work and requires perseverance and the belief that our products or services make a difference in the world. Choosing a business idea that is not based on God’s design and focused only on making money, can quickly lead to experiencing regret and ultimately failure. Without a greater WHY, we will quickly lose our mojo during lean times when the effort seems greater than the results.

Shared Cause
There is nothing more powerful than having a shared cause with your audience. For example, if you have lost a child to cancer and decide to start a business that is connected with this cause, you will have an organic connection with a very specific audience. What unique life experiences have shaped you into the person you are? How can you use these experiences to help others via a marketable business?

I hope this article inspired you to take a look at your business idea or established business and get clear on exactly how God wants to use you to further His kingdom through your business and the people you serve. If you would like more help in figuring out your ideal business, I invite you to schedule a complimentary business strategy session with me.

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