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There is nothing I am more passionate about than helping kingdom entrepreneurs build their businesses so that they may go and serve others according to God’s purpose!

Many of you have been abundantly blessed and provided with the resources to do well on your own or by hiring a great coach, yet there are many who are struggling.  Although they may be working hard, taking care of their families and showing themselves good stewards of their resources, they may simply not have the finances or resources to move their business idea forward without a little boost.

The positive thinking, “prosperity mindset” adjustments and trying to manifest money out of thin air that many coaches so readily prescribe in this scenario simply aren’t cutting it.

God works through His people and I firmly believe that He has called us to uplift and support each other using our time, talent and treasure. If we only focus on helping those who can pay us for our services and those who are already enjoying success, we have miserably failed our task.  Yes, we all have bills to pay and this is not some altruistic call to distribute everything you have to those who don’t – it is however an appeal to the body of Christ to unite in empowering others to live their full God-given potential.

Many marketing experts, coaches and the like will tell you that you should not give your services away for free and to only target those who can generously compensate you, but as Christian entrepreneurs we have a greater calling and mission that goes far beyond ensuring that our own needs and revenue goals are met.

That said, rather than putting on a series of “free” webinars to lure prospects without providing real content or help for their businesses, I have decided to offer a new scholarship program to those who feel called to start their own business but truly can’t afford to hire a coach.  I am not talking about those who simply want free services but could easily afford them if they only disciplined themselves to give up something less important.  I am talking about those who are truly dedicated and committed to moving forward with their lives and kingdom business yet are struggling to come up with the funds to invest in coaching services.

My goal is to sponsor up to 5 kingdom entrepreneurs each year, selected based on an application process.  Each scholarship recipient will receive a 6 month, 1:1 business coaching program, a free personality profile, and promotion for their business via my website and/or social media outlets – no strings attached.  There is no cost involved, however, I do ask that all approved scholarship recipients make a voluntary good will offering to show their commitment to participating in the program.  All funds collected will be used to contribute to other needs in our community.

So here’s the help you’ve been praying for, your big break, an opportunity to step into your calling and start or move your kingdom business forward!  I will only consider serious applications – the scholarship will be revoked immediately if a participant fails to put forth the effort required to participate in the program including coaching calls and homework assignments.

If you feel you are eligible to participate in this program, please complete the application form below.  All applications will be reviewed within 48 hours of receipt. I look forward to helping you write your success story!

In His service,


Yes, please sponsor me!

Please complete the following questions as part of the qualification process.
  • Note: All good will offerings will be used to support our ability to continue offering low or no-cost coaching opportunities to those in need.


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