From seeds of faith to entrepreneurial greatness!

Over the weekend, I listened Steven Furtick’s “Greater”, a book about achieving big dreams in small steps.  After I had finished,  I felt divinely inspired to not only recommend this excellent book but also to bring you a word of encouragement.

As I listened to Steven talk about our shared desire to do great things for God, our vulnerability to fall into mediocrity or complacency and our need for trusting God to lead us to greater lives, I was reminded of how easily so many of us give up on our dreams and never come to live our full God-given potential.

We start out with grand visions and ideas about being called to make a difference for God, to change the world and make our lives count.  Unfortunately we often get so excited that we run far ahead of God only to find ourselves overwhelmed, relying on our own strength and ultimately defeated as we watch our dreams being crushed by the weight of the world.

What Steven suggests in his book is that we take a different approach!  What if instead of biting off far more than we can chew and demanding that we instantly be catapulted into greatness by divine grace, we agree to taking only one step at a time as God leads?  What if we strived each day to simply become greater than we were the day before?  Greater in faith, greater in hearing His voice and greater in obedience to what He wants to accomplish through us.

Whether you are secretly holding on to a dream God has placed on your heart or perhaps have tried and failed to see it become reality, it is not too late!  The hope and encouragement I found in Steven’s book is that it only takes one step of faith to renew your commitment to God’s perfect plan for your life.

Today, be encouraged to ask God to renew your passion and your vision and pray that He may guide you one step at a time.   Rather than expecting Him to lay out the entire plan for you at once, simply ask:  “what is my next step?” – I promise you He will faithfully answer.

How much easier will it be to complete a single step in faith and trust Him to manage big picture!  Don’t let a God-sized vision frighten you so much that you either never get started or give up far too soon because you can’t fathom ever accomplishing what He has called you to do.

Mother Theresa once said: “Never worry about numbers.  Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”  For example, if He has called you to feed the world’s orphans, rather than trying to pull off some elaborate global ministry without the proper training and experience, start feeding the orphans right where you are!  As you take this immediate step in faith, you will learn, grow and in His timing He will enlarge your territory.

What’s YOUR next step?

If you feel called to entrepreneurship and need help figuring out your next step in building a thriving kingdom business, I invite you take action today and sign up for a complimentary business strategy session with me.  Click here to access my online calendar and reserve your spot!

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