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Earlier this year I had the honor and privilege to speak to a class of middle school students about career development.  I had donated a case of books (Gifted Hands – The Ben Carson Story) and was invited to come introduce myself and share my story along with advice on how the students may proceed in finding their unique gifting and place in the world of business.

As I was surveying the room of excited young people, I felt this overwhelming sense of being exactly where I was supposed to be – connecting, encouraging and motivating these impressionable young minds to follow their dreams!  I remembered when I was their age and how my guidance counselor told me I should get a “practical” job rather than following my creative urge.  I also remembered my parents telling me I should pursue an office job rather than the path of social entrepreneurship that was calling me even back then.

We tend to be conditioned very early on in life as to what our career plan should look like, our dreams often crushed by those around us and our career path carefully designed by standard job categories and the professional legacy of our parents and advisors.  How many of us wanted to do something BIG when we grew up only to be told that “paying the bills” should be the primary purpose for our vocations?

My own career took many twists and turns until I finally gave myself permission to step out of the box and into my true calling.  Today, being able to help others achieve this sense of freedom in their careers (and still be able to pay their bills!), brings me a greater sense of satisfaction than any other job I have held over the course of my working years.

A few weeks after I spoke with these beautiful young people, I received a big bundle of individually created thank you cards.  I sat with tears in my eyes as I spent hours reading and re-reading the messages they contained – you can view two of them below.

To have inspired these young people to reach for the stars, tell them how special each and every one of them is and fill them with hope for a future that only God can provide made me feel greatly blessed.

My business has evolved and changed direction many times over the past decade and I know that God is not finished with me or this business yet.  One thing however remains constant – the impact I have as a kingdom entrepreneur (…and that you can have as well!) on changing lives and equipping others to maximize their God-given potential for His glory and purposes.

How about you?  What is YOUR greater why?

I would love for you to share in the comments below!  If you are not sure how God has uniquely gifted you or how you may apply your gifts, skills and talents in the form of a kingdom business, I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with me.  Click here for access to my online schedule.

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