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For the past couple of weeks I have suffered from what appeared to be a severe case of writer’s block.  No matter how much I prayed, meditated on the Word of God or read books for inspiration, I found myself unable and uninspired to write a blog post.  It felt like the Holy Spirit was taking a vacation – until finally this past Sunday while I was shampooing my hair, I got clear direction on what I was to write about next.

You see, I take all my writing assignment from the Lord and when He tells me to take a break from writing, I do.  This in turn usually makes me a little nervous as it is in direct contradiction to mainstream advice about best practices in blogging.  “Update your blog daily” they will tell you – well as a Christian entrepreneur, I choose not to conform to what the world thinks wise and thus I only write when I feel prompted.

By now you are probably wondering what inspiration I received in the shower!  Let me end the suspense – what the Lord shared with me is that our focus as Christian entrepreneurs needs to shift.  Instead of using our kingdom businesses to try and save a fallen world by making as much money as possible and distributing it to worthy causes, we need to focus on changing hearts and minds to be reconciled with God in order for the world to change (2 Cor. 5:18-19).  The root cause of all horror, suffering, poverty and many other afflictions in life is sin – and it is only through reconciliation with God through His son Jesus Christ that sin can be overcome.  Without this reconciliation, our efforts to “change the world” are akin to putting a Band-Aid on someone who is bleeding to death.

This does not mean we should stop feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and healing the sick.  We must absolutely offer our help wherever our help is needed and when we are in a position to help, but what the Lord revealed to me is that rather than addressing the visible symptoms, we need to address the root cause.  The problem is that we write our tithing check each Sunday, donate or volunteer here or there and then beat ourselves up (encouraged by the enemy) that we still didn’t DO enough and should feel guilty for being better off than so many others in the world.

We as Christian entrepreneurs need to stand apart and break away from the world’s way of doing business.  Our businesses must be catalysts for pointing the lost to Jesus, strengthening and encouraging fellow Believers and representing Christ’s character in the world (Matth. 28:19).  Instead, how many of us do business in a way that is virtually identical to any non-Christian owned business?  We refuse to acknowledge Jesus in our businesses for fear of losing customers and offending others, yet we expect Him to bless our efforts (Mark 8:38).  Over and over we sell our convictions for a cheap price by agreeing to joint venture with or promote others who do not share our values and we flex our beliefs to whatever suits our selfish desires, aka “success”.

It is time for Christian entrepreneurs to arise and truly be the salt and light we are called to be in the marketplace and the world.  It is not enough for us to grow rich in our individual businesses and write a check to a select number of charities.  Instead, we must walk fully in our respective gifts and teach, encourage, discern, prophesy, heal, lead, shepherd…the flock God has entrusted us with in order to equip them to go out into the world and share their own gifts.

This means we must share our own time, resources and knowledge freely and support other kingdom entrepreneurs – our gifts were given to us so that we may glorify God and fulfill His purpose.  Our gifts were never meant for us to keep to ourselves (1 Peter 4:10) and it is the hoarding of what God so freely shared with us that keeps so many lives in bondage.

  • Who will you encourage today to be the best they can be according to God’s design and purpose? 
  • What gifts have you been blessed with that need to be released to bless others?

If you would like more information on how to discover your unique gifting or how to get started on your journey to kingdom business ownership, I invite you to schedule a complimentary strategy session with me. Click here to schedule time with me using my online calendar.

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