7 Tips for FASTER Results in your Career and Business!

We have become a society that loves instant gratification, as evident by the marketing messages we tend to respond to.  From “immediate exercise results” to  “instant cash flow” and “same day delivery”, we know what we want and we want it NOW. 

The unfinished books, DVDs and programs that litter our shelves and that we bought to make ourselves smarter, prettier, wealthier or more successful, show that all of us have fallen victim at one point or another to claims that did not hold true.

I find that even in my own coaching practice, the services that hold the promise of an immediate turn-around sell far better than the longer term, intensive programs.  In conversation with prospects I often sense that there is an unspoken expectation that I will somehow wave a magic wand in exchange for a fee and make my client successful.  Aside from the fact that I am not in the business of witchcraft, this is just not how it works!

As much as we might wish for “instant relief” to our career and business challenges, we must not delude ourselves or allow others to trick us into thinking that we can reach the finish line without putting forth the effort required

But how can we escape this treadmill of chasing unrealistic goals and unmet desires? Allow me to share some tips on how you can get on track toward achieving incredible results (albeit not instantaneously):

Get clear on what you want

Many times when I ask prospects or new clients what it is they want, I get a blank stare or a loosely defined list of aspirations.  It is vital that you get 100% clear on what you are trying to achieve.  Make it quantifiable, put a timeline on it and write it down.  Additionally, if you have more than one major goal, list them in order of priority.

Assess the gap correctly

While I am all for thinking BIG, I also believe that we must not set our stakes too high when it comes to setting our goals.  Keep your starting point in mind and increase your goals incrementally rather than setting goals that seems so far out of reach that you’ll feel discouraged instead of feeling “I can do this”.

Recognize your limitations

Honestly assess your skills, gifts and talents.  We are all created for a specific purpose and when we try to operate outside the boundaries of what God created us to be and do, we will struggle to be successful.  Be careful not to copy someone else’s dream or model your goals solely based on what has helped others succeed.

Finish what you start

In order to maximize the benefits you derive from any investments you make in your career or business, it is vital that you follow through to complete your projects.  Don’t stop half way through your coaching program, book or CD series and start looking for the next “instant solution” just because you haven’t seen any results yet.  You won’t get a six pack from doing 20 sit-ups and you certainly won’t build a successful career or business from reading a single book.

Work on ONE goal at a time

Focus on a single task rather than trying to tackle too many goals at once.  You will gain a far greater sense of achievement and progress more quickly by successfully reaching one milestone at a time rather than working on multiple big goals simultaneously.

Ask for support

Unless you set boundaries relative to your availability, you will find yourself easily distracted by the demands others place on your time.  Let those around you know you are working on an important goal and ask them to not only respect the schedule you have put in place to reach your goals but also to encourage you to stick to your plan.

Practice consistency

I know that trying to make dedicated time for self-development and business building activities can be overwhelming, especially when you are a new entrepreneur and still work in your day job.  That said, it is important that you work out a detailed plan for how you will reach your goals.  Dedicate specific chunks of time in your daily schedule to each of the tasks required to meet your goal.

In summary, a single goal achieved is by far better than many unfinished goals!  It is by taking consistent action at pre-determined intervals that we make progress.  No one succeeds by doing something only once – keep in mind that it takes an average of 10,000 hours practice to become a true expert at doing anything and between 3 and 5 years to establish a successful business.

Will you make the commitment to stick to your goals and follow-through on what you start?

If you would like additional help in identifying the right goals for starting or growing your kingdom business, make it your goal today to schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with me.  Together we will take a look at how to get you from here to there and identify your top 3 breakthrough goals for the next 90 days.  Click here to schedule.

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