Are You Missing Out On Your Blessings?

In his book FREE: The Future of a Radical Price, Chris Anderson talks about the increasingly popular marketing practice of giving away one thing to create demand for another (paid) offer. While this can indeed be a successful strategy to allow your customers to get to know you at no expense of their own, I don’t believe this to be a completely fail-proof marketing method. Allow me to explain.

Since I am a giver by nature and would actually do my job for free if it wasn’t for those pesky bills I have to pay every month, I decided to loosen the strings of my giving purse this Mother’s Day and bless one lucky working mom with a $2,657 coaching package, no strings attached.

The applications trickled in slowly, and, in the end, I chose one lucky mom who will surely benefit from her willingness to take action and her ability to recognize opportunity. What amazed me, though, was that the quantity of applicants was not at all proportional to the generous size of the offer and the amount of work I put into promoting the giveaway.

I concluded that either people don’t need help with starting their own business (very unlikely), or they are like most people, skeptical about what may be asked of them in return and thus don’t know how to receive a blessing when it’s presented to them. This, in turn, prompted me to write about the act of receiving and its role in achieving success.

You see, when we are not able to receive a FREE offer and automatically suspect there is a catch, we will most likely also question and possibly reject other opportunities that come our way. In reality, however, God works through people, and He simply cannot place His blessings into our hands when we ask with clenched fists and are not open to receive. The problem isn’t that God won’t answer our prayers; the problem is a broken receiver.

Let’s take a closer look at what causes us to miss out on our blessings:

  • Pride – We think we are self-sufficient and in charge of our own blessings.
  • Laziness – We are too slow to act and miss out on our blessings.
  • Distraction – We don’t listen and fail to respond to God’s prompting.
  • Doubt – We can’t believe anyone (even God) wants to bless us selflessly.
  • Obstinacy – We expect our blessings to show up in a particular way.
  • Self-worth – We feel we don’t deserve what God wants to bless us with.
  • Negativity – We dwell on our problems instead of expecting victory.

How do we overcome these obstacles to receiving our blessings with open hands and a spirit of expectancy?

  1. Smile and say thank you. Next time someone offers you anything (a compliment, a free meal, a gift, etc.), simply accept it. You may need to practice this, but it gets easier over time.
  2. Remember where your help comes from. All good things that come your way are a gift from the Lord (James 1:17).
  3. Remove the element of surprise. Thank Him in advance for his generosity and favor, and then simply expect it to show up (Psalm 23:6).

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should throw out your discernment and accept anything and everything offered to you. Simply open your spirit to recognize when He wants to bless you, and trust Him when He seems to be opening doors supernaturally and in ways that may defy your human logic.

I hope this message inspired you to examine how open you are to receiving the goodness God wants to pour into your life. While our Mother’s Day giveaway is now closed, I will not stop the giving here! That is why I am offering a special gift to the first 3 readers who comment on this article. Share the one big thing you are believing God for in your career or business this year, and I will send you a discount code for a FREE “The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™ by Laurie Beth Jones“—a $57 value!


  1. SI says:

    Wow that was a great article. I was speaking about this topic with my spouse and they said they don’t think that you could miss out on your blessing but this article has a few of my flaws dead on. I am sure ice missed out due to laziness but I’m praying for correction in my behavior & expecting a favourable outcome. Blessings

    • Thanks for the feedback! Indeed we can miss out on blessings just as we can refuse gifts that are being offered to us. God will provide opportunities in His wisdom but it’s on us to receive them. I pray that God may reveal to you what is holding you back and grant you the strength to overcome it.

  2. felissa says:

    I love this article. This is something that has recently been revealed to me. I am a giver but when it comes to receiving in the past I would see it as a sign of weakness. God revealed to me that when I declined someone generosity, its taking away the lesson he is trying to teach them. This article was right on point!

    • Hi Felissa. Thanks for your honesty and also your kind feedback. Would you like to share with our readers what big goal you are believing God for this year? I would love to gift you with the free PEP profile if you do but have to honor the giveaway requirements to be fair.

      • felissa says:

        Hey Sabine. Sorry late reply. My big goal I am believing God in for this year is for Him to continue revelaing to me my purpose. I asked that he make the Vision solid so that when I present it to the world no one will be able to change my mind. I will be confident in his plan.

        • Thank you for sharing your big goal and how you are trusting God in helping you achieve it. I pray that God may guide you as you clarify your purpose and vision so that it may be perfectly aligned with his will and that you may become unstoppable as you share your message with the world and for His glory. Your freebie coupon is on its way to you via private email. God bless.

  3. Great advise. It is difficult for many of us to accept gifts, even though God is trying to bless us through others.

    • Thanks for your comment Teri. I agree and I am no exception in this. It have to frequently remind myself that God is my source and to pay attention to His voice. As the winner of our Mother’s Day giveaway you will of course already receive a Path Elements Profile™ but please feel free to encourage a friend to share their big dream with our readers and claim the last freebie.

  4. Freida says:

    One day I was driving my car and something told me to call a friend and talk about my job search, which I did. In less than 2 hours, I had a call from a recruiter and an invitation to visit and talk about my vision for my career shift. While a specific opportunity is still on its way, it was simply fantatsic to hear my own voice articulate my dreams for myself.

    In the beginning is the word, yes?

    • Thanks for sharing Freida and kudos for taking action to move your career forward in a happier direction. I pray that the right opportunity will present itself for you all in God’s perfect timing. Make sure to check your inbox for your freebie coupon code!

  5. Quanah says:

    I am in process of sealing a deal that came to me over a year ago. I walked away a year ago. The opportunity came to me again in December. There is a “force” that is keeping me linked to the CIO and the company. I am ready to receive and thank God, but for some reason, delays continue! A friend said “God doesn’t want you there.” Then why does it keep presenting itself?

    • Thank you for sharing Quanah. Be encouraged by this verse and know that God’s timing often defies our human reasoning: “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1. Good luck with your opportunity! P.S. Your freebie is on its way via email.

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