Three lessons in business metamorphosis

After many months of working with my Coach, conducting research, praying and soul searching, I have decided to shift the focus of my business.  When I started out as a career transformation coach, I pretty much served any client who needed help with moving their career forward.  However, over time I discovered that I have a natural affinity with a particular type of client.

There is simply nothing that gets me as excited as working with a client who has finally decided to take the leap from corporate employee to being self-employed.   The energy around this type of endeavor is unlike any other and I find myself getting caught up in the excitement of helping my clients to not only escape their corporate jobs but to start a new life.

I think God had been prompting on me to move in this direction for a while, dropping hints and nudging me here and there, but for reasons yet to be discovered I held on for dear life, perhaps not wanting to exclude anyone and wanting to help all the discouraged, disengaged, unhappy professionals out there.

So I finally caved, let go of the wheel and let Him drive (which He is much better at that I am).  Funny thing is, once I let go of the reins, I had new home page copy written within a few hours and was on to joyfully serving my newly refined niche.  It just proves to show that when your direction is divinely ordained, the doing becomes effortless.  Meanwhile, I had been struggling for months to clarify my message, my exact audience and the programs I wanted to offer – something just didn’t quite feel right.

Drumroll please…may I introduce the new and improved Nobility Coaching & Consulting, Inc – now serving ONLY Christian professionals who are ready to transition from corporate work to self-employment!  There, I said it – no more resume reviews, interview role plays and salary negotiation discussions.

Ah, I feel relieved.  Making this important decision has breathed new life and new focus into my business and I am ready to devote 100% of my time and energy to creating corporate exit strategies and raising Kingdom entrepreneurs.

Allow me to share the three lessons I learned from this experience:

  1. Focus only on your absolutely greatest gift and pray for the courage to let go of everything else!
  2. When you just can’t get the right notes out of that piano no matter how beautifully you play the instrument, don’t throw out your sheet music – stop and tune the piano!
  3. When we rely on our own strengths to sort out the direction we should take, we limit God by refusing to follow His divine leadership and thus slam the door shut to receiving His blessings.

As always, thank you for the privilege of serving you.


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