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Today’s issue of Noble Thoughts is featuring a special guest, Sam Miller, founder and author of “Sam’s Dream Blog”.  Sam and I met on LinkedIn and share a deep passion for helping others discover and live their dream, which is why I invited him to talk to my readers about his own story and how he hopes to inspire others with his blog.  Enjoy!

SamMillerI launched Sam’s Dream Blog in Nov. 2011 while reading Andy and Janine Mason’s “Dream Culture.”  It’s a fantastic book full of personal stories and activation exercises.  In the midst of reading this, I had a friend offer to help me with my search for a full-time job, provided I told him how he could help.  After he extended that offer, I realized for the first time, I had a problem. I no longer knew what I wanted or what made me come alive.  For years it was sports writing and broadcasting.  That’s still true, but a few years of job searching after college gives way to more questions than answers at times.

My friend’s offer started me on my dream journey.  Sure, I had been scanning the horizon for a long time, but I began to realize that dreams and goals are about moving toward something instead of simply accepting what comes one’s way.  Dreams and goals involve intentional decisions.  Adjusting my thinking like that is an ongoing opportunity for exploration.  There are plenty of books and materials on the subject of dreams and goals, and I’m out to devour as many as I can.

Probably the most effective study tool, however, is hearing about others’ dream journeys.  We all know life is messy and does not go as planned.  How have my peers and people, my parents’ and grandparents’ ages learned to thrive in the process and produce a satisfying outcome?  The best way to find out is to ask questions.

That’s where Sam’s Dream Blog comes in.  Every Tuesday I ask the question, “What’s a dream or goal you have and what have you learned along the way?”  What can I learn from your journey and what can others learn?

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Talking with people for the blog has helped me realize that one of my chief passions is to give a voice to what makes others come alive.  Thanks to Sam’s Dream Blog, I am alive and well and hope more people can say the same.

Sam Miller is the founder of Sam’s Dream Blog.  A graduate of the University of Illinois, he worked with various teams in sports information and received the Freedom Forum – NCAA Sports Journalism Scholarship for his achievements. He has also served as communications intern for the Angels’ Triple-A affiliate. Prior to that, he worked as a communications intern for USA Basketball and as an associate reporter for MLB.com.

Sam Miller

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  1. Sam Miller says:

    Thanks for this great privilege, Sabine! Thanks also to all who read my post!

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