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Yesterday afternoon my daughter asked me to go to the gym with her which I rarely do as my preferred sport is martial arts.  While there, I walked on the treadmill and because I had not brought a book to read or iPod to listen to, I decided to pass the time surveying the audience.

I noticed that many of the gym visitors had the perfect tan and shape and had obviously worked very hard to achieve their fitness goals which made me wonder about the other parts of their lives.  How many of them also had perfect inner lives that mirrored their physical appearance?  On the contrary, how many of them focused all their time on polishing the outside of the cup while the inside of the cup was filled with less desirable contents?

I believe that when Jesus warned the Pharisees not to spend all their time polishing the outside of the cup but to focus on their inner lives (Luke 11:39), he was in part communicating that we are already perfect in Him and that we should be less focused on “looking good to the world” and instead put our emphasis on using our unique gifts for the greater benefit of humanity and for His glory.  Yet sadly, how many of us even know what gifts we have been given, let alone consciously use them in our jobs?

Allow me to encourage you to take some time to reflect on the following questions:

  • Do you know what your greatest gifts are?
  • Do you get to use your gifts in your daily work?
  • How would your life change if you did?
  • What impact would using your gifts have on the lives of others?

We were each blessed with incredible gifts that are beckoning us to acknowledge them and use them in harmony with everyone else’s, creating a beautiful mosaic of God’s handiwork.  Will you join me in exploring and claiming yours?

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