The truth about why you haven’t realized your dream…

Last week I volunteered a few hours to represent the Minnesota Coaches Association at the Multi-Cultural Career Forum in Minneapolis.  While there, I had a great conversation with a fellow coach about various projects each of us are working on.  I shared with him that one of my goals was to write a book and when he inquired further, I found myself making all sorts of excuses about why I had not started this particular project yet.  The primary reason I cited was “lack of time” which  he promptly accepted as a challenge to help me break through my perceived obstacles – as any good coach would.

Truth is, what holds most of us back is not really a lack of time, energy or resources.  What truly keeps us from realizing our dreams is the fact that we often feel so overwhelmed with the big picture of what we would like to accomplish that we never even get started.  Instead, we keep dreaming and telling ourselves and those around us “if only I had the time, money, energy…I would have the career/business/life that I desire”.

Allow me to challenge you today just as my coaching colleague challenged me:

  • What is REALLY holding you back? Are your obstacles truly external limitations or are they self-inflicted by your way of thinking?
  • How can you break your big vision into smaller tasks you can start working on right away?
  • What action will you take TODAY to take you one step closer to realizing your dream?

As a single drop of water creates a ripple effect across a still pool of water, a single task accomplished will help you build momentum toward creating the career and lifestyle you desire – let us know in the comment section below what action YOU will take today to put your dream in motion!

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