10 Reasons To Choose Nobility Coaching


1. Conducting business by the Good Book

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe that my love for Him must permeate and be reflected in all that I do. I bathe every decision in prayer, consult God’s word on who I should work with, what I should work on and what the order of my steps should be. As your Coach, I will not only help you build your business, I will also give you the biblical perspective and approach to success.


2. Access to my personal network

I know how tough it can be to find and make the right contacts when you are first starting out. As your Coach, I will not only help you find your own ideal clients, I will also provide you with access to my personal network. I am a natural connector of people and want to help you get so well-connected that finding your ideal clients will be a breeze!


3. Unlimited support for my clients

christian business coachingMany coaches will meet with you several times a month but you never hear from them in between sessions. My clients are the #1 reason I am in business and I want to be actively involved in your success even when we are not formally meeting. Friend me on Facebook, interact with me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. I want a real relationship with you and I genuinely care about your progress – this means I want to engage with you even outside of a formal coaching agreement.


4. Lots of extra goodies

Christian business coaching People who know me well will tell you that I give away things all the time. My love language is gifts and I love to give them. Whether it’s time, free advice, resources, prayer or just a shoulder to lean on when things aren’t going quite so well, I will go that extra mile for your success. I believe in God’s unlimited generosity and strive to model it as closely as I possibly can.


5. Results matter

Chrisian business coachingLots of coaches have nice conversations with their clients and ask smart questions but at the end of the day, no tangible results are delivered. One of my StrengthFinder strengths is Achiever. I expect much of myself, I drive hard, and I promise to help you achieve results. I am a skilled Coach and Project Manager and will help you create a roadmap to success including realistic goals you can’t wait to start working on. As your accountability partner, I will vow not to let you give up on yourself or your dream – no matter what.


6. I have walked (more than) a mile in your shoes

I built a thriving coaching practice while working full-time in corporate. I have seen both failure and success and I know there are no magic formulas and secret recipes – no matter what some marketing gurus want you to believe. There is only hard work, perseverance, and faith in a God who is bigger than any of our challenges. I know how daunting the thought of trading your steady paycheck for the less certain realm of business ownership can feel. Let me walk alongside you step by step to encourage you, motivate you, pray for you – and occasionally remind you why you started this journey in the first place.


7. Tried and true tools and strategies

There are literally millions of marketing and business “experts” on the internet and many of them are not worth your money or your time. As part of building my own business, I have spent thousands of dollars on tools, systems, coaching and strategies – some were excellent, many were not. The good news is that you don’t have to spend your time and hard-earned money to learn the same thing or make the same mistakes. Not only will I pass on what I have learned over the years – as my client, you will have access to my hot list of personally tested resources.


8. Technology & Process

I am a trained IT consultant and always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tool, process and technology to run my business more efficiently. My clients have access to private online tools that help them track their goals and progress as well as conveniently schedule their coaching sessions. Take advantage of nearly two decades of technology, process improvement and quality management skills, including Six Sigma certification and a diploma in Executive Leadership.


9. Affordable Investment

valuecostThe progress you make in your business using my programs is entirely dependent on your active participation and dedication to completing the necessary action steps.  Based on your individual learning needs, you may desire to work with me for a few months, a year, or perhaps even longer.  It is important to me that my clients have the flexibility to direct their own pace which is why I offer a variety of options ranging from group programs to private 1:1 coaching and VIP Days.  Payment plans are available for most programs.


10. Thirty (30) Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Money backI know how important compatibility is when hiring a business coach.  I also know that coaches often charge high up-front fees without any guarantee of results or a way for clients to gracefully exit the relationship if it doesn’t work out or if your life circumstances change.  That is why I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all my services.



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